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I picked up red death... Not bad

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I'm also from the land down under and mine is not working... It's prime time too :(

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Underpowered. I'd rather a second ps4

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Could have also been made for the xbox one... Only with major downgrades

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Picked up the hunter helmet. Could have got the encrypted item too but it also looked like a helmet, so I passed

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I'm bery excited for this game

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Totally not true. I'm lvl 25 and I've played way too much

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At what level will you aquire a sense of humor?

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So who are they owning to be so good? People with analogue sticks in a different position?

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Too many people tell me they love Diablo. I think I may get it when it gets a price drop. Not sure if it's my type of game though...

The last of us is my type of game however. Best game ever!

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Yep pretty standard. It's only really news when they reach parity

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Maybe it's not worth putting all the extra resources into getting the game to run at 1080 on the weaker system with the much smaller user base... Or maybe it's just not possible due to the inferior hardware. Hard to say really

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This would be a good thing

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Yeah it sucks for those tens and tens of Chinese xbox fans that were looking forward to getting the bone

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I'm addicted to this game. I don't generally like fps

Lvl 21

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I'm loving the game as are all my psn buddies who own it

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This is great! Sony has struggled financially in recent years. I hope they smash xbox and earn some good coin

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Agreed. This is a new low

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This place is full of bitter halo fans


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I guess you have trouble making friends

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