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Have to play this standing up to avoid motion sickness; but it truly is an awesome VR experience.

Only downside is the lack of motion controller support - having to use the DS4 does detract from the immersion a bit - i guess that's Sony's fault for not refreshing their controller lineup for VR.

Nevertheless, Day 1 purchase for me just based on my time with the demo.

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One and done; that's what I always say (I said that once)

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I love the idea of this tool and the spirit behind its development, although i can't help but feel it goes too much against the Animal Crossing grain. The best towns evolve organically over time - hacking them into perfect little utopias risks destroying some of their charm.

Although, I'd be willing to try this tool just to get Roscoe back in my village - I miss that little guy,

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a Monster Hunter installment would benefit from a decent analogue control scheme.

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Yeah, VR does definitely add a unique quality Play standing up and the immersion becomes so intense, it starts to feel dreamlike. I'm actually considering buying one of those 4D candles for launchday...

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I played the demo in my PSVR headset; truly nerve wracking, but the sense of presence is unbelievable. Not sure I could play through the whole game that way, but this is a day one purchase for me.

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Remember the furore around Colonial Marines a couple of years ago? Sega finally settled (for a couple of million dollars, if I remember).

Same principle here. This is a class action waiting to happen.Sony and Hello Games might wanna hold onto some of the money they've made on this title and pay a retainer to a reputable law firm in the US, because the scorn of the gaming community can never be underestimated in these circumstances.

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Nostalgia can be a lying bitch.

Not sure how much game time these things will get before they end up gathering dust.

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As a DK2/CV1 owner, I love my PSVR - I haven't seen much disappointment from other owners and very little attrition *(I haven't come across anyone who has returned or sold-on their unit)

I think PSVR represents the true beginnings of the VR revolution. The unit is fairly priced in comparison to the PC platform HMDs and offers compelling experiences from Day 1. IIt's the most accessible full-blown VR experience available at the moment (not counting GearVR, et al...

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They'd be killing a cash cow; the 3DS has been a massive success for Nintendo and there's no guarantee that Switch will succeed where the WiiU failed.

Granted, Switch is going after the portable market, but both consoles offer different propositions.

Nintendo is taking a gamble, blurring the lines between home console and handheld - it needs a successful and well established 3DS market to shore up potential financial difficulties in the early days...

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As someone whose launch day PS4 is already choc full of updates, am I now going to be forced to download HD textures patches for a console I have no immediate plans to own?

EDIT: to clarify - will my launch day PS4 be downloading PS4Pro patches for my games? Seems really inefficient if that is the case.

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Cause of death: Asphyxiation - they choked on all that money - although I don't blame them; I'm sure most other indie studios would've done exactly the same thing, given all that exposure. We all like to take the moral high ground, but in this industry there's only one thing worse than bad publicity, and that's no publicity.

Hello Games will be quietly rebranded, Sean Murray will stay at the helm, but he will forever be a Molyneux figure, a pastiche of ...

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Does how long a game is have an impact on your purchasing decision?

I'm genuinely interested; if a game is $60 and gets great coverage/reviews, but is only a couple of hours, would you deprive yourself of the opportunity to experience it? How do you measure the cost/time ratio?

Don't forget that VR is quite taxing, both mentally and physically - perhaps a 30 hour campaign might not translate well to this medium.

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When you say full-blown do you mean in terms of gameplay or gametime?

I'm hearing that it is a full-blown experience, albeit quite a short one, clocking in at around 3-5 hours.

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There's definitely been a mini gold-rush with Move controllers and peripherals lately. These things were languishing on people's shelves and in bargain bins for years. Suddenly, they're hot property with around 300% increase in retail prices for pre-owned units. Quite a coup for Sony, who've probably got warehouses full of this 6 year old technology.

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I'm sure Nintendo has big plans to shake up the industry again. I'm thinking maybe this projector will be inside the NX Controller, so you can overlay a second screen in your living room without having to clear furniture out of the way.

Source: I'm a carpenter.

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I wonder how much damage NMS sky has done the space sim genre?

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The 7GB isn't adding new content though - it's fixing a broken a game.

The 50GB AAA content is new maps, DLC, etc.

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hehe; I have no problem with the likes of BF4 or GTAV or Uncharted dropping 50GB of game data onto my console. But this basically a huge patch of fixes - it doesn't appear to add anything; moreover it just corrects their original mistakes. It shouldn't have been necessary - I could make much better use of that space by installing a handful of indie titles.

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They've dumped almost 1GB of update data on my system, but most of it is just to fix the broken parts of the game; HDD real estate is becoming a big issue for me this generation, I shouldn't have to lose space because a developer releases an unfinished/half-baked product.

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