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Nothing to be concerned about; new tech will always having teething troubles and VR can be a jarring experience the first time. Remember when 3DS launched and all the news outlets complained the effect was causing headaches and making people sick? Same principle here. PSVR will rock. as someone who owns a few headsets, I'm looking forward to having a console based HMD in my living room.

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The DK2 still has the power to bring a tear to my eye when playing Elite Dangerous; some of the sights you see are mesmerizing - the experience will surely be heightened on CV1.

Eve Valkyrie will no doubt have a similar effect. You will love every second, I guarantee it.

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I didn't hesitate; got my pre-order in nice and quick and will be amongst the first to receive the CV1 in March/April.
The DK2 has given me immersive gaming experiences I never thought possible.
I've piloted starships across the Milky Way. I've driven 18-wheelers the length and breadth of Europe. I've enjoyed all my old Sega/Nintendo retro emulations in the comfort of my own retro arcade, faithfully recreated on a CRT TV, whilst playing old mixtapes from my c...

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Sending positive vibes to TB and his family.

Social media is certainly a double edged sword; it has the potential to bring out the best - and worst - in all of us.

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A fair review; thanks for sharing.

It's regrettable (although understandable) that you hit the wall quite soon; I've been playing ED on-and-off since Aug'14 and it's still my go-to game on PC, though it may have something to do with my current setup. Do you play with a kb/mouse or joypad? or do you use a HOTAS system.

I play with an Oculus Rift DK2, with a flight stick and throttle mounted to arms of my chair and a tactile transducer (silent s...

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I’m really excited to see where 2016 takes console gaming. As someone who games on all platforms I can’t wait to experience Sony’s VR headset as well as Microsoft’s Hololens augmented reality glasses. I truly believe these HMDs could change the way we play on our consoles.

As someone who invested in an Oculus Rift DK2 last year (and has recently pre-ordered a CV1) I have to say once you experience these immersive environments first hand, it’s tough to go back to 2D gaming. ...

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Interesting topic; out of interest, are you a videogame translator?

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My list is the same, except I would substitute Ori and The Blind Forest for Mad Max

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great blog; thanks for taking the time to compile this list.

I've gotten heavily into the retro gaming scene this year and I feel privileged to live in an age where we can still experience these games of old (through emulation or original hardware) relatively easily.

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I agree; PSVR will no doubt be a more accessible platform for gamers who don't want to spend money hand over fist building sim rigs. No doubt Sony has plenty more tricks up their sleeve to wow consumers when the device eventually launches.

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Very insightful blog; thanks for sharing.

I do actually think some VR experiences are revolutionary, although I can't vouch for PSVR at this point.

Out of curisority, do you own - or have you tried - any other VR headsets to compare to PSVR?

I bought an Oculus Rift DK2 earlier this year to play Elite Dangerous. I have to say it still has the ability to give me goosebumps at the level of immersion I can achieve (granted I have a HOTAS fli...

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I built a PC to play DayZ back in 2012

I also bought a Wii U so I could try out ZombieU

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I'm thankful that I live in a beautiful part of the world in an enlightened age.

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Good luck everyone.

I plan to submit a few reviews/blogs this month and I'm looking forward to reading the content you guys produce.

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How many bubbles have I got?

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Great review; thanks for sharing.

This is the definitive edition of a great console survival experience. The permadeath feature and simulated persistence add lots of value, and the two expansions allow you to craft your own unique experiences with every play session.

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Very intrigued; can't wait to try this out.

EDIT: Article says it is only rift compatible for Mac? Can anyone confirm? I'm on PC.

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I’m also rather concerned at the unnecessary hype being ladled onto this title.

It looks fantastic and I’m sure everyone will enjoy it, but we’re running the risk of leaving the developers with an impossible promise to fulfil.

I’ve been playing Elite: Dangerous since the closed Beta and whilst it is easily my GOTY 2014, there comes a point where you soon realise the boundaries and limitations of such an open sandbox universe.

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I’d encourage retro fans with a decent PC to snag a free copy of NewRetroArcade while it’s still available.

It’s a tech demo made to showcase the power of the Unreal4 engine in tandem with the Oculus Rift DK2, but it’s just as fun on a monitor. It features an 80’s neon arcade for players to explore, replete with cabinets loaded up with ROMS of all the old favourites. The games load and save instantly so you can pick up where you left off. There’s even a working SNES and doz...

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Agreed; I too had similar concerns, however I know a few hard-core gamers who picked up a WiiU in Q4 because Nintendo's exclusives were too good to miss out on.

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