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Console gaming has always enjoyed a level playing field, especially insofar as gamers using similar peripherals/hardware. Maintaining parity is key. Players using K/M combos immediately gain a competitive edge. I noticed this most recently with The Division on PS4 - the side strafers ruined the PVP elements of that game.

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I can't believe there are still Playstation owners out there who don't have this game.

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As far as I can tell, this update bricks any devices loaded with custom firmware, so there'll be a lot of unhappy modders out there.

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good point; why make a sequel to a procedurally-generated game; it'll just be more of the same.

I guess there's still scope for them to carry on developing NMS - If they allowed the PC community to mod it, I have no doubt its fortunes would change overnight.

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I live in a very quiet part of the UK - they always have stock in at my local store.

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I don't think NMS will ever get a sequel or reboot - at least not officially. Maybe in the fullness of time the community might hack it to create a more fleshed out form and help it realise its true potential.

But there's too much discord around this IP for it to be a viable commercial enterprise for any major studio.

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Open world games have become so huge that fast travelling is a necessity at times.

Being able to jump between shrines in Breath of The Wild is a godsend.

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Great news for the platform, although it irks me slightly as an early adopter.

I paid £500 for the headet and £190 for the touch controllers last summer.

The fact that they're now on sale at half price within a year shows just how determined Facebook is for Oculus to be the dominant VR platform.

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Yep; the live action episodes were what put me off, too. play a level then watch a half-hour drama. No thanks.

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Loved Alan Wake.

Struggled with Quantum Break; great story telling, but the gameplay suffered. I just couldn't see it through. Might revisit at some point this year.

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Quite an eclectic mix, albeit with a superhero vibe; thanks for sharing, a few of those have slipped under my radar.

Here's my June landscape;

WiiU: Zelda BotW - Having so much fun with this; loving every minute, trying to make progress, seeing as the new DLC just dropped.
PS4: Horizon Zero Dawn - despite picking up Elite Dangerous and spending time with Farpoint for PSVR, this title always seems to find its way back into my console. Probabl...

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I would welcome a right-joycon that has the analog stick above the action buttons. Seems like it would make it far more comfortable to hold.

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Agree with the sentiment; sometimes games can be so demanding they feel like work - when we have to compartmentalize our hobby we are doing something wrong.

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Not so much 4K as the shaders being used, imo.

EDIT: just noticed that the 4k upgrade is free, but the 'graphics pack' is not - in other words, you have to pay extra for those visuals. hmm.

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I really hope so. I've loved the Monster Hunter series since the PS2 days and followed the franchise through PSP to 3DS to WiiU and now back to Playstation. Capcom tried hard to gain a western following with Freedom Unite and Tri but never really had much a following.

This latest installment seems to have watered down some core game mechanics - the zoning of the maps played a big part in hunt strategies in past titles. But a lot of the new additions (camouflaged cloaks...

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seems strange that Bungee would scupper the Xbox X like that; could this be a tactic to squeeze money out of Microsoft, knowing how much a decision like this could potentially damage XBX sales?

Either way, it doesn't bode well - it bolsters the argument that gamers eyeing the new console should just invest in a decent PC (although for people like me, the point is moot - I'll still be getting XBX at launch).

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Well I guess Microsoft paid a couple of billion dollars for Minecraft.

It's their ball; if we to play together, it has to be by their rules. Can only assume that Sony doesn't want its player base creating XBL accounts? You can guarantee that all those new registrations would feature heavily in Xbox's next press event.

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I guess the name alone will guarantee decent sales; i just hope they don't sully such a revered franchise with a generic zombie survival experience.

If it does well, hopefully we'll see Metal Gear Rally or Metal Gear Sports Resort. /s

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This would have been a system seller for Switch, but I'm happy it's coming back to Playstation.

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normally Rockstar have at least a two year lead-in.

Seems strange that they haven't really hyped this - although it's fair to say it won't need hype; it will be one of the most anticipated releases of the decade.

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