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I'm sure Nintendo has big plans to shake up the industry again. I'm thinking maybe this projector will be inside the NX Controller, so you can overlay a second screen in your living room without having to clear furniture out of the way.

Source: I'm a carpenter.

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I wonder how much damage NMS sky has done the space sim genre?

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The 7GB isn't adding new content though - it's fixing a broken a game.

The 50GB AAA content is new maps, DLC, etc.

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hehe; I have no problem with the likes of BF4 or GTAV or Uncharted dropping 50GB of game data onto my console. But this basically a huge patch of fixes - it doesn't appear to add anything; moreover it just corrects their original mistakes. It shouldn't have been necessary - I could make much better use of that space by installing a handful of indie titles.

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They've dumped almost 1GB of update data on my system, but most of it is just to fix the broken parts of the game; HDD real estate is becoming a big issue for me this generation, I shouldn't have to lose space because a developer releases an unfinished/half-baked product.

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I love the Gears of War franchise and there's no doubt this will be a success, but as with any IP, once it expands past a certain point, it's tough for me to maintain any real sense of passion or excitement. It's the same with any game series or TV show; once they reach a saturation point and most the original story threads have been exhausted, it's difficult to care as much as much as you once did, especially when central characters move on and the creators begin rehashing pl...

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I have above average bandwidth and every time I tried to run NOW on my PS4 or Vita my connection speed was never fast enough (even with an ethernet cable)

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got my PSVR pre-ordered earlier this year. As an owner of a DK2 and CV1 (with Leap Motion and many other peripherals) I wasn't too excited, but I'm suddenly realising that the mite of Sony and its studios is just what is needed to bring consumer VR to the masses.

Looking forward to October

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This had dropped off my radar; happy to see such a strong review score - always loved the Deus Ex franchise.

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This is where PC gaming shines. Hello Games have crafted the framework for a potentially limitless game once the modding community start releasing content.

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Spot on review and score; thanks for sharing.

I agree with your sentiment; it can get tedious for some players, but the more you explore and unlock, the more rewarding it becomes. You make your own fun essentially.

I do wish they would curtail the procedural generation a bit; my biggest gripe is that i have to keep moving forward. i.e. I can never go back to an earlier point of interest. Reducing the proc-gen in favor of having savable waypoints would m...

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Nothing to be concerned about; new tech will always having teething troubles and VR can be a jarring experience the first time. Remember when 3DS launched and all the news outlets complained the effect was causing headaches and making people sick? Same principle here. PSVR will rock. as someone who owns a few headsets, I'm looking forward to having a console based HMD in my living room.

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The DK2 still has the power to bring a tear to my eye when playing Elite Dangerous; some of the sights you see are mesmerizing - the experience will surely be heightened on CV1.

Eve Valkyrie will no doubt have a similar effect. You will love every second, I guarantee it.

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I didn't hesitate; got my pre-order in nice and quick and will be amongst the first to receive the CV1 in March/April.
The DK2 has given me immersive gaming experiences I never thought possible.
I've piloted starships across the Milky Way. I've driven 18-wheelers the length and breadth of Europe. I've enjoyed all my old Sega/Nintendo retro emulations in the comfort of my own retro arcade, faithfully recreated on a CRT TV, whilst playing old mixtapes from my c...

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Sending positive vibes to TB and his family.

Social media is certainly a double edged sword; it has the potential to bring out the best - and worst - in all of us.

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A fair review; thanks for sharing.

It's regrettable (although understandable) that you hit the wall quite soon; I've been playing ED on-and-off since Aug'14 and it's still my go-to game on PC, though it may have something to do with my current setup. Do you play with a kb/mouse or joypad? or do you use a HOTAS system.

I play with an Oculus Rift DK2, with a flight stick and throttle mounted to arms of my chair and a tactile transducer (silent s...

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I’m really excited to see where 2016 takes console gaming. As someone who games on all platforms I can’t wait to experience Sony’s VR headset as well as Microsoft’s Hololens augmented reality glasses. I truly believe these HMDs could change the way we play on our consoles.

As someone who invested in an Oculus Rift DK2 last year (and has recently pre-ordered a CV1) I have to say once you experience these immersive environments first hand, it’s tough to go back to 2D gaming. ...

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Interesting topic; out of interest, are you a videogame translator?

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My list is the same, except I would substitute Ori and The Blind Forest for Mad Max

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great blog; thanks for taking the time to compile this list.

I've gotten heavily into the retro gaming scene this year and I feel privileged to live in an age where we can still experience these games of old (through emulation or original hardware) relatively easily.

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