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I own pretty much every portable platform from the last 30 years, but my current favorite is the Gameboy Advance SP (AGS-101 backlit screen).

Decent examples can be found quite cheaply. It's small and light with a great form factor (I love the clamshell design) and when partnered with a EZ-FlashIV cart you have access to a huge library of amazing games, including original DMG and Colour titles.

Insane battery life and zero load times means it's al...

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Strange that they haven't announced what's next in the classic line-up.

Are they going to follow up with an N64 Mini or a Gameboy Mini?

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As someone who owns a lot of handhelds, from the original Dot-Matrix Gameboy through to the Switch, I have to say the SP (AGS-101) is my favourite portable console. Awesome library of games and backwards compatible.

Currently playing through Golden Sun (fantastic little RPG) in tandem with Mother 2 (Earthbound).

I currently have four SPs (found at yard sales, charity shops, etc) - I love rescuing them, refurbing and re-shelling them with aftermarket cases...

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Never heard of H-Hour - thanks for putting it on my radar.

Back in 2002 the original SOCOM prompted me to get a PS2 modem and a broadband subscription because the multiplayer was so gripping.

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Would love some of the original Zipper Interactive IPs to come to PSVR - SOCOM and MAG would be so much fun.

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How about just give players the choice (Like Mass Effect, etc) instead of making it an issue.

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Vita was let down by Sony; pretty much no support in terms of first party titles. If they didn't care, why should other developers.

Vita deserved a Monster Hunter title, or maybe a really tight FPS shooter - mechanically, it's a fantastic little machine: dual analog sticks, dual touch, great OLED screen. Imagine what this console could have been capable of. Sadly it's potential will never be realised.

Something to encourage people to carry th...

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"That is some good, clean, family fun here, eh Cotton?!"

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Vita has had a great release calendar recently; plus we still have Stardew Vallye to look forward to in the new year.

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Early emails I got from them indicated a price point around £280 - as they were pushing this as essentially PC based architecture that could play modern games. Not sure how much has changed based off consumer feedback but I'm predicting this will go the way of other retro reboots.

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Stardew Valley and Papers Please are reason enough to dust off my vita (even though Switch has become my portable daily driver - surpassing even my 3DS in terms of time spent gaming-on-the-go)

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Happy you got your Switch in the end, but I would urge you to pursue this; you have rights as a consumer. Forget the telephone/email. Send a registered letter to their postal address and mark it 'complaint'.

Sum up the salient points and offer to provide proof (in the form of a sanitized bank statement/communication).
At the very least, they owe you the difference in the amount you have since paid compared to the sale price you were originally offered. ...

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Literally just got back from town; picked up the Odyssey Special Edition Switch and some peripherals.

Feeling chipper.

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The move controllers don't allow for true control over locomotion - the Rift and Vive wands have analog inputs to control movement.

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How about revising the seven year old Move controllers we’re still wrestling with?

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As long as it is an actual new console, I'm happy to wait a few more years.

Anyone else tired of this mid-gen refresh cycle we seem to be stuck in? Sony & MS are just muddying the water for the less experienced playerbase who are confused about what represents the best value console now - there's so many iterations of the current gen, it must be a nightmare for parents at Xmas time.

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I've been enjoying my experiences with this title; quite a unique shooter - would recommend trying it out.

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Great write-up; thanks for sharing.

MHW is currently my most anticipated title. As a western fan, I've played every iteration since the original PS2 release, although I've always struggled to enjoy co-operative experiences on PSP, Wii(U) and 3DS. I've never managed to convert any of my friends.

Hopefully the PS4 crowd will warm to it this time around and it'll finally achieve the global recognition it deserves.

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Looks promising; I would love to play a game like this in VR - The investigation/interrogation sequences in Batman: Arkham VR were particularly immersive. A David Cage-esque experience would be something special.

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Thanks for putting this on my radar; completely missed any coverage of this at PGW.

Full Motion Video can be hit and miss (I felt Quantum Break suffered from relying to heavily on it) but the new control scheme makes this title stand out - i like the idea of watching events unfold and then controlling decisions with your smartphone/tablet - this could pave the way for a whoel generation of interactive fiction.

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