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Great review; thanks for sharing.

This is the definitive edition of a great console survival experience. The permadeath feature and simulated persistence add lots of value, and the two expansions allow you to craft your own unique experiences with every play session. #2
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Very intrigued; can't wait to try this out.

EDIT: Article says it is only rift compatible for Mac? Can anyone confirm? I'm on PC. #4
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I’m also rather concerned at the unnecessary hype being ladled onto this title.

It looks fantastic and I’m sure everyone will enjoy it, but we’re running the risk of leaving the developers with an impossible promise to fulfil.

I’ve been playing Elite: Dangerous since the closed Beta and whilst it is easily my GOTY 2014, there comes a point where you soon realise the boundaries and limitations of such an open sandbox universe. #7
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I’d encourage retro fans with a decent PC to snag a free copy of NewRetroArcade while it’s still available.

It’s a tech demo made to showcase the power of the Unreal4 engine in tandem with the Oculus Rift DK2, but it’s just as fun on a monitor. It features an 80’s neon arcade for players to explore, replete with cabinets loaded up with ROMS of all the old favourites. The games load and save instantly so you can pick up where you left off. There’s even a working SNES and doz... #4
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Agreed; I too had similar concerns, however I know a few hard-core gamers who picked up a WiiU in Q4 because Nintendo's exclusives were too good to miss out on. #3.1
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This year’s releases have been disappointing for all formats with the exception of Wii U and 3DS, but I still think the Vita is an amazing bit of kit.

Sure, it gathers dust in the cradle for 25 days out of every month, but when I’m on the road it really comes into its own. Killzone, Borderlands, Minecraft – plus tonnes of RPGs with plenty of replay value.

Then when I arrive at my destination, I can remote boot my PS4 and dive into games like GTA5 and Far... #9
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There was a similar scam in my home town a few years back; a gang were selling 360s at knock down prices in the classifieds. It was only when someone checked and found two house bricks in the box that the police had to put out a statement. Many of them had already been wrapped and put under the tree. #11
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Agreed; I would always opt for the digital version of any entertainment media. My shelves crammed full of books, CDs, DVDs and videgames is long gone, liberated by cloud services that allow me to access all my content when and where I want. My living room is also much tidier. #1.2
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There does need to be greater clarity; the onus is on the websites and their employees who get paid to attend these lavish events.

I work in an average office/corporate environment and we have a clear Gifts & Entertainment Policy; we are not allowed to accept anything that could be seen as prejudicial to the integrity of our work and everything needs to be documented and disclosed to avoid a conflict of interest.

I would respect a site much more if... #9
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Worthy winners this month; congrats. #8
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I moved away from CoD a couple of years ago as the Battlefield franchise grew. Last CoD I bought was Black Ops II which is still in the cellophane.

However, I think I’m swinging back towards CoD this year, as I’ve come to recognise it for what it is: a fun shooter that offers a brief distraction when needed and lets me catch up with friends. It does exactly what it says on the tin. Much like enjoying a quick race on Mario Kart or a short match on Fifa, I’ll just dip in and... #6
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Definitely addressing a gap in the market here. Innovative and full of promise. #117
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Sounds like a very interesting device; there's certainly market appetite for something like this.

I'm not brave enough to attempt any homebrew modding, but if this can do it for me without voiding any warranties, I'm intrigued. #106
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Agreed; the drawn out story length is the only thing keeping it away from greatness.

I've just loaned the game to my friend and there's certain sections I wish I could cut in order to maximise his enjoyment.

Perhaps Sega / Creative Assembly will release a "Director's Cut" (",) #1.1
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Frontier are doing such a great job of developing this game out in the open; releasing regular updates, listening to the community, pouncing on bugs and improving and refining Elite Dangerous with every iteration. This game has taken me back to my childhood – suddenly my desk is swamped with peripherals like HOTAS controllers and head tracking devices.

I’m seriously considering getting an Oculus Rift just for this game – that’s how much I’m having with it. #2
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I too have mixed feelings about Gamergate. Anyone who puts themselves in the public eye should realise that they may be held up to scrutiny under a very harsh lens.

I have long believed that journalism in this industry lacks any real ethics or moral compass; it’s certainly nowhere near as regulated as the mainstream press.

But I also fear that Gamergate has been hijacked; that the very people portraying themselves as the victims of this movement are using... #16
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Shareplay has a lot of potential.

Developers can use it as a virtual expo, allowing audiences to 'queue up' to try out a new title remotely, in the same way they would when attending an event in person. #51
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Happy Halloween Everyone! (or Hop-Tu-Naa as it's known in my neck of the woods) #9
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UK - Frontier Developments, for the work they're currently doing on Elite: Dangerous.
(David Braben is a personal hero of mine) #110
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The modding community is what keeps me gaming on PC #2
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