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i would like a mod to fix the clunky combat...

anyone? anyone? #32
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yeee I wanna play Sword Art Online for real :)

such a great show. makes gaming seem more fun than real life. oh, wait... #16
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consoles are for people who want cheap, simplistic gaming.

there is no "killing" cheap and simple. those things are the baseline desire for a gamer, therefor to "kill" it you would have to directly compete with cheap and simple.

anything over 600 dollars is not going to "kill" anything about PS or Xbox. #14
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I hope I get downvotes all day for this comment, but...

This site is really fucking pathetic. So many assholes just come through here and downvote to be a part of this ridiculous console war, and it's incredible unproductive.

You're all assholes, every one of you.

I come on this site to try and make honest comments, and I always get bullshit blowback that is completely unnecessary. And for what? Why the fuck do you enjoy being a nuis... #15
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Not only that, but he actually just simply enjoys gaming culture. It's refreshing to see someone at the forefront of console development who really understands and can sympathize with a fan base, execute those ideas successfully, and push out a product that we can all enjoy genuinely without having to settle. #1.4
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Oh, you mean the one called Gaikai that they announced already?

Wow! I'm very surprised that they're working on what they said they were working on!

This is news! #35
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wow an animated game is 1080/60fps??

What an impressive feat #4
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"Chinese addiction experts are the same as murderers" says gamers #30
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that sounds like a lot, but then again, i don't know a damn thing about sales numbers #4
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That's a very good point.

I'm usually not picky about games. I play more AAA titles than Indie, but I do enjoy both because I'm mature enough to understand that both serve a purpose.

I guess my point is that if developers do a lazy or poor job, then I'm not going to feel bad or be surprised when they fall victim to capitalism... Either make fun games, or go broke. It's their choice. #4.1.1
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The great thing about being a consumer and not a developer is that I can just not buy whatever the hell I want, and somewhere along the line somebody will come out with a game that I want and I'll buy it.

These things always patch themselves up. The Invisible Hand. #4
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Microsofirehazard #1.18
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I'm really curious to know when humanity will realize that "curse words" are one of the silliest, illusory facets of civilized culture.

Lol, you can say truck, buck, ditch, glitch, spam, cram, pick, stick... but if you say those OTHER words, ooooh boy.

"You're not allowed to project those sounds from your mouth!!"

Fuck fuck fuckity fuck fuck. Bitch bitch bitch.

Aren't we being a little too sen... #77
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I mean, if we're going to be completely honest with ourselves, we should just admit right now that ANY sequel released in the Launch Window will be nothing more than a spin-off with better graphics.

That IS what launch titles are for. That's their job. Sell the console. How do you do that? You make sparkly games that hook-line-sink anybody who's looking, as quick as possible.

I am going to be patient, and wait for 2015 when the firework show will... #8
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Well actions speak louder than words, so fix it. THEN we'll believe you. #17
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Humans are so fragile-minded, afraid of our own skin because silly cultural constructions have us convinced that there's something inappropriately visceral about nudity. #22
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4K is WAY too expensive still. Do NOT start wheeling out yet another round of goodies. #10
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PC gamer here! Yes, there is absolutely a huge difference between 720p and 1080p - it's no contest. These are just multi-plat developers trying to save face with both companies.

Smart, but a little disingenuous.

For example, I have a 24" monitor, and a gtx 680. When playing Borderlands 2, for some reason the default settings were 720p when I was in the pre-game menus. Before checking the resolution, I was thinking, "wow,... #1.1.8
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I received my PS4 from Amazon. Haven't opened the PS4 box itself (I'm hoping to resell for a profit on eBay), but I must say that the article describes how my package was packaged perfectly - retail box on the BOTTOM of shipping box with the air bubble packaging ON TOP of the PS4.

Whether my PS4 works or not, I have no idea. BUT, Amazon definitely did do a poor job packaging these, at least for mine. #20
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Reason 6) They pay for your advertising #6
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