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"Stalking interwebs for news on VITA exploit(s). If you're awesome to me, I'm awesome to you. ^_^"


I knew what I bought, you don't know me OP. :| #1
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I'm hoping it launches with the console for $400 by like 2016. #2
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No no no. You're doing it all wrong! We OBVIOUSLY all need to beat each other senseless in arguments over which is scarier.

Do you not know nothing about the interwebz?!?!?!!?1 #1.1.4
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Eh, I was in that camp too. But, Sony has seriously put the message out that it doesn't want VITA to have any exclusives that could do well on PS4 too.

So... maybe. #8.1.1
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lol Whatever. #1.1.2
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What's your point? #1.1
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It's insulting to call it a fad in the face of all the RnD that has gone into that field (both from bobbiests and University labs and the like).

I'm going to invest in PS4 before I invest in a pc rig [that has the specs to do VR). So, idk but I get the feeling Sony is the one who will build the substance while OR builds the hype. #2
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"Morpheus: Unfortunately, no one can be told what the Matrix is. You have to see it for yourself."

http://www.imdb.com/title/t... #1.1
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lol. That facebook thought police device one straps around ones own face?

..Yeah, that can go straight to hell. Project Morpheus is the only VR I will ever care about, and if that fails I wont care about VR ever. #1.3.1
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It's hard to debate on N4G, but I love women. They are great people. And, I'm a people. I'd like all of us to along and play video games for happy fun times, like, as a whole bunch of peoples.

Just wanted to say that. The end. :) #1.1.1
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Hopefully, MSRP recedes. #1
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I don't think you have to worry about that because it's probably not coming to Project Morpheus and it's probably not even an exclusive.

Also, SCEWWS are already working on their own exclusive scary/suspense games. "The Deep" and "The Assembly" are two key games they are working on.

edit: "The Assembly" isn't first party, but they have been working on Project Morpheus since 2013.

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Funnily enough I was having an anti-corporation discussion with a guy who works with technologies the other day...

So, this better not be aimed at me, smartguy! :X #1.5.1
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And so the blackhat hackers 15 minuets of fame ends.

Now it's just the FBI who will be keeping tabs on them. #1
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Glad I'm *also* not affected:

http://en.wikipedia.org/wik... #8.1
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No, you can't just 'write however' you want -- 'you kidding me?!?

What you are doing isn't writing in english .. If you want me (or anyone else) to understand you when you communicate online, then do it the correct and proper way. You can be better understood by minimizing spelling errors and improving your grammar. Simple!

@codewow: Oh please, you only replied once he made a second comment and was (probably) s... #1.1.5
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1) Stop trolling by writing like that (unless you really are as illiterate as Floyd Mayweather irl)

2) If you're a kid (and have never taken English Comp. class), then turn off the computer, and open up a book (instead of being on N4G).

3) If a company where to DDoS another (as I assume you're alluding to) they might get found out and sued and have their name seriously dragged through the mud, therefore, it would never happen.

Peace. #1.1.1
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Well said. Short but sweet. ^_^ #6.1.1
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What's a shame is that I'm sure (by now) white hat hackers have seen their work (via twitter) and they are not amused. Either that or they are happy about a new job opening at Sony PSN HQ.

Definition of a white hat hacker:

..A mind is a terrible thing to waste. As is time. So, s'always wise need to think about that (if... #1.1
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Riot and others underwent DDoS attacks too.

..But, let's sweep brand names asside for a second and highlight at the people (like you) that leech off moments like these.

Here you go *highlights @gapecanpie's name*. Now everyone can see you and what you are doing. I mean, is that what you wanted?

edit: Don't answer that. First off, it was rhetorical. Second, I just remembered there's such things as trolls online, and I'm no... #1.5.3
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