Stalking interwebs for news on VITA exploit(s). If you're awesome to me, I'm awesome to you. ^_^


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Execs usually do talk after the major launch of a product. What's your point?

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I can do 100 to 200-ish this year, otherwise I need to wait for my financials to get in order.

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He can zuck-off, dollar signs and all!

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Pshh. Good to know where the source of writing gets its pool of experience.

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Meh, I am not clicking. I checked their website and they have another article up and talking up how psvr is supposedly being sold as over 1.1k usd.

Not ever going on that website.

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Have you tried it before going out on a limb like that?

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Wait for other hmd's out there before painting in broad strokes.

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I like it!

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Classic thumbnail image, too.

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Yep. They are great at using their respective 2D visual platforms (game and films) to sympathize with nerd culture spanning across multiple genres.

And PT showed what happens when the two meet.

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Holy shet, @djplonker.. BEAST OF N4G FOR THAT!

Can we be best friends for that response? I have never up voted and agreed more. What a precious comment I have just read to start my 2016 off the right way.

No, I am not being ironic. I liked the comment that much. XD

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SCEA makes good on pricing and stable flow of vr software; the future of this type of entertainment platform is fine.

If not, Playstation will still be around.

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VR can run on mobile hw and has run on even worse than that in the past to get a true immersion effect.

Idk what all this consumer propoganda bs is about, tbh. Bleeding the stone from regular ppl is what these companies are doing

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What is so great about steamOS? It is basically Linux, so why not just use the Linux shown in the hacking video?

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By that logic, we should have seen Vita's similar hw to that of android devices jacked to run android a while ago, no? ;)

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Yeah, but I could sure use the option of a potentially awesome bunch of homebrew games and media apps that otherwise could never happen.

Man, I hate the fact this simple (non piracy directed) exploit will face a hard push against it! At least Linux as a daughter OS.

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(Verifies if it is legit...sees it is in a hacker conference...sees actual hack)

Wait, what?

I mean, holy sh!t. This thing runs Linux outta nowhere! That is freaking cool man!

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Ya, I feel good that industry veterans were behind a lot of psvr games announced at psx: Schaffer, Miz, etc.

That type of traction on VR has this time around is unlike anything before and when content creators come along, then it is only a matter of time before the platform speaks to a significant crowd.

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No offense, but your post history makes you look like a microsoft lover and sony hater. (You low bubs are a red flag)

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On topic: Brick n mortar store execs are out of touch.

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