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"Stalking interwebs for news on VITA exploit(s). If you're awesome to me, I'm awesome to you. ^_^"


It's, also, like a game of peek-a-boo between mature people. i.e. the person "hides" (w/ bonus of exploring vr world), while the "seeker" aims to bring a piece of the HMD user back into the irl world.

When we were babies, the reason peek-a-boo was so exciting was bc we lacked certain information and lateral reasoning. With VR, devs can play around with imaging technology and remind us why peek-a-boo was so fun not too long ago. #1.1
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Me too. Meh. On with stuff >.> #4.2
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The major focus is/was and will always will be Japan for portable handhelds.

If you (or anyone else) doesn't like Soul Sacrifice or other of those projects from Japan as the main first party content then there's no point in you owning the handheld unless you like portable indie experiences that vary in experiences...which isn't a bad conselation prize, mind you. (esp. since a lot of those go onto sweet deals if your a PS+ member) #1.1
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Good stuff. I hope to get a Morpheus and PS4 (at the right price) next year. #1
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You're not wrong in your world and with those numbers, but you basically are throwing shade and it couldn't be anymore meaningless in my POV.

And, that's what I speak of in OP: the beauty of subjectivity. And that's the essence of what gaming is about!

The hw and the sw all made the VITA have the last laugh FOR ME and MY WORLD. I know people who own a 3DS and smartphone and are casually and/or hardcore fans of those things find that impossibl... #2.1.1
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This is a handheld of a successor that had an optical disc drive and memory cards that were expensive back then and homebrew scene that really on popped towards the final years.

If we look now at how good the games are currently, the abilities is has, and the fact homebrew has barely even scratched the surface, than it's already seeing+going to be seeing a better up-tick than PSP by those standards.

Sales figures are crap compared to Ninty and PSP but idg... #1.1.2
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I'm feeling dejavu from launch day of VITA 2-3 years ago when they proclaimed it dead bc Nintendo and smartphones.

Well, VITA's got the last laugh imo bc I've been without playing smartphone games or any Nintendo handheld in that time and I'm enjoying gaming on the thing.

HA #2
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ikr, well, now we know the USO (unidentified slotting object). #5.1
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Not likely bc Project Morpheus is going to be repped at this years E3 and OR (like PM) launches in 2016. #1
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No Kojima. No Del Toro. Old SH teams disbanded.

This game (if released by Konami) wont deliver on PT promises and maybe as bad/meh as past few SH games.

And the only hope is Kojima takes Sony up on their scenario made here: http://vrfocus.com/archives... #1.1
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Only on apps like this were a user is in water. This is locomotion and accel+gyro sensor field being interpreted wouldn't really stand to add a tagible sense of "precense" outside a pool.

Not to mention no (serious) waterproof hmd's have ever been even invented, yet.

Happy April Fools day, all! #9.1
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That would be fun. But, energy input in vr is 1to1, so ppl need to get in shape! #2.1
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Yes. Oh god yes. #12
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AAA in the western IP sense only. Japanese studios continue supporting w/ great+new IP's. #1.1.1
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Winter is coming, SEARS retail sales peeps. #18
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My fav pod of this season is the blogcast! :D #1
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How many arena shooters are there on PS4 with a cell shaded look, though? Most are just like right off the Unreal engine type of thing. #18.2
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I'm marveling at why SE thought it would be good to tease it like that (or even reveal it on the floor at all).

Really, I feel like the looks of death from the live audience should have pierced that companies soul. #1.1.5
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I like my VITA; I've never payed attention to commercials and stuff, but if people really thought they were mislead [by Sony's sales team] then Sony needs to face justice.

And Sony are being forward facing about things, I'll give them that. #19
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