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So did Nintendo, apparently.

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I'd be with you if there wasn't a huge precedent with Wii U Nintendo games. Ever tried voice chat in Mario Kart 8? It's trash, and lobby-only. How about in Smash 4 U? It's even worse, and also lobby-only.

How about in Wii Sports Club? Oh you can't, there isn't any.

So it's reasonable to consider that Nintendo is doing the exact same for Splatoon, especially when they already said they tried to implement a text communication system,...

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"The 2DS is one of the ugliest handheld devices ever made, extremely low quality, barebones tech."

If you want to buy electronic devices for how aesthetically pleasing and technologically advanced they are, then no game system in the market is going to please you. But if you're buying a game system because of the games it allows you to play, then the 2DS is certainly a good value, considering the quality and quantity available.

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Yeah, it released last night at midnight, to be precise.

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These companies don't lose money to piracy. They lose money to their own inability to change with the times and meet new consumer standards.

If companies want to find out how to prevent piracy they could just take a quick glance at Steam: incredible sales, early-access to new games (with an opportunity to affect their development), a thriving community, an engaging system that helps consumers connect with the brand on multiple levels, and now a customized (and customizabl...

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Piracy killed the Dreamcast? Are you sure it wasn't SEGA, with their terrible management overseas management that prevented the company from executing any effective strategy to hold their ground against the monsters that were the PS1 and PS2?

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Older than a good chunk of it, anyway, as it states in the article.

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Thank you for responding to the article itself and not the title. I'll be honest, maybe the title hurts the content in this case, but I still wished more people took some time to read it to see what it had to say.

Either way, I'm glad my article's points did come across.

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@SpiralTear: "Horsepower doesn't drive third-party support. It never has. If it did, the PS2 wouldn't have been the dominant console in the sixth gen"

That is true when the consoles in question, such as the PS2, can still handle ports of multiplatform games. In that generation, the power gap between the GameCube, Playstation 2, and Xbox wasn't so massive that it prevented third parties from porting games to any systems they wanted to.


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I agree that smartphones are a blue ocean right now. Well, as much as now about it anyway, since I don't really know much about smartphones. But one thing I mention in part 2 is how the Wii and DS did influence smartphone design, and smartphone games, which isn't exactly bad for the industry.

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Hey, that's what I said in my article, that 3rd parties ignore Nintendo's consoles (not portables to the same extent) because they don't sell as much there. We agree on that.

I don't *blame* Nintendo for the 3rd party support. I'm saying it's their "fault", because it's the result of their business choices. They chose the blue ocean starting with the DS, it led to weaker systems compared to the competition, and this led to reduced third p...

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Much appreciated. Hopefully you like part 2, which should go up tomorrow and personally I liked much more.

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"Aeron (Pandora's Tower)"


That would not only be a good character in terms of his weaponry and moveset, but it would show Nintendo's commitment to Pandora's Tower as a franchise, which would be absolutely awesome.

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I'd love for Shulk to be in as well. I don't really know if it's unlikely for him to be in, because it doesn't seem to me that these characters get in through popularity or the quality of their design or anything like that. Sometimes it seems arbitrary.

For example, given the rising popularity of Monster Hunter in the west thanks to Nintendo, and the good relationship that Capcom and Nintendo seem to have going on, I would think that putting in a monster hunte...

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Something wrong with being nostalgic for something good of the past?

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That sounds terrible. Mind if I ask for which games you experienced this?

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People don't come from around the world to watch E3 on their computer screens, either. People stay home and watch E3 from their computer screens. E3 show floor presence and what viewers around the world actually see are very different things.

People watching E3 from their homes had gotten used to E3 being all about the conferences. The big takeaway from any year's E3 was either a game's CG trailer, or one of the company's saying something silly that the fans l...

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It's hard to say it was a mistake when they wouldn't make it otherwise. They make it on Nintendo systems because it's cheaper for them; if it wasn't this cheap, maybe they wouldn't make them at all. Hell, right now they're ignoring the Wii U and focusing on the 3DS, so there's little reason to assume they would have made the series on PS3 and PS4 when they could just put it on PSP and PSV.

Monster Hunter 4 wouldn't be on PS4, it would be on PSV...

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I like both the 3D and the HD graphics. I wish they gave us options, because most of the people I play with refuse to get it if it's not on Wii U.

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Thank you for this post. The understanding that others may benefit from the options is all I hope to get from this article, both from readers and from Nintendo.

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