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It doesn't surprise me to be honest. Monster Hunter has been a 9+/10 franchise since Tri on the Wii.

Too bad it's going to sell 5M max on the PS4, Capcom's going to call it a sales failure, and they're going to blame the fans.

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Says who? Certainly not the millions of people rushing to the stores to get this system for themselves and their kids. Those guys are just having fun playing videogames with each other, like we pretend we do.

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There's probably a Pokemon Pearl/Diamond remake this year for Switch, as preparation for the next main entry on 2019. There's Dragon Quest XI, Metroid Prime 4, probably some Yokai Watch, maybe Retro's next game, a mainline Animal Crossing, Smash Bros, Fire Emblem, Shin Megami Tensei, Bayonetta, and who knows what else.

You guys gotta get it through your heads, the Switch is not just a Wii U successor, its a 3DS successor. It's going to continue to sell like ...

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Thanks for reading!

Imagine my surprise when the last game has the biggest, coolest whale in MonolithSoft history.

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Don't forget that you can take your Switch out of your dock if you ever need to. Personally, I'll be ripping and tearing from my toilet.

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(Responding to the thread)

1) No there aren't cheap and small laptops that will play this as well as the Switch at a comparable price. You have to spend upward of $500 for such a laptop.

2)The joycons' sticks are not quite as good as the pro controller's sticks, but the difference isn't enough that you'll be missing many more shots or anything. You're already playing an FPS with analog sticks, whether you're playing it on joyco...

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Well, lucky for you, these weren't news, it was a speculation article. None of the games listed here are confirmed to be coming to the Switch, Some might, some most likely won't.

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Surely you can appreciate the idea that portability is a defining feature for most people? For example, while you seem to care about watching your Blu-ray discs in the best setup possible, you probably don't care enough to do the same with your .flac music files, right? Yet people were having the same arguments about audio features 15 years ago, when the iPod was proving to be "good enough" for mainstream audiences to forget about home receivers, in spite of the terrible quality...

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The mainstream usually doesn't care too much about many of those features once portability becomes "good enough". For example, I bought a nice new A/V Receiver early this year so that I could have the best Breath of the Wild experience. The AVR has a lot of really nice features like an "mp3 restorer" and low-frequency crossovers that optimize the sound quality I can get out of my mediocre standing speakers and subwoofer. But you know what? These kinds of features, as g...

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I have the perfect studio suggestions for you: MonolithSoft, with the expertise they bring from decades of making RPGs (including the Xenoblade games); and an internal team from Nintendo's EPD division. Interestingly, these are the guys that made Breath of the Wild.

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I really think so as well. Unlike the GameCube and the Wii, the Switch is a system that is in the hands of parents, their children, and solvent young adults at the same time. That, along with the recent track record of Nintendo's first-party games, should give Metroid Prime 4 a good chance to be a hit.

People will always bring up that the series has historically not been a mainstream success, but in my opinion we live in a different era today than when the last Prime ga...

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One thing that I never see people mention is the fact, just like SDXC cards drop in price every year, so should Nintendo's game cartridges. This doesn't just mean that developers that don't know how to compress .wav sound files will have more space to use for the same price when they get around to NBA 2k19 or FIFA '19 or whatever; it also means that developers that don't need the extra space will be able to spend less money on the smaller cartridges. I'm not foolish en...

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So did Nintendo, apparently.

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I'd be with you if there wasn't a huge precedent with Wii U Nintendo games. Ever tried voice chat in Mario Kart 8? It's trash, and lobby-only. How about in Smash 4 U? It's even worse, and also lobby-only.

How about in Wii Sports Club? Oh you can't, there isn't any.

So it's reasonable to consider that Nintendo is doing the exact same for Splatoon, especially when they already said they tried to implement a text communication system,...

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"The 2DS is one of the ugliest handheld devices ever made, extremely low quality, barebones tech."

If you want to buy electronic devices for how aesthetically pleasing and technologically advanced they are, then no game system in the market is going to please you. But if you're buying a game system because of the games it allows you to play, then the 2DS is certainly a good value, considering the quality and quantity available.

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Yeah, it released last night at midnight, to be precise.

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These companies don't lose money to piracy. They lose money to their own inability to change with the times and meet new consumer standards.

If companies want to find out how to prevent piracy they could just take a quick glance at Steam: incredible sales, early-access to new games (with an opportunity to affect their development), a thriving community, an engaging system that helps consumers connect with the brand on multiple levels, and now a customized (and customizabl...

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Piracy killed the Dreamcast? Are you sure it wasn't SEGA, with their terrible management overseas management that prevented the company from executing any effective strategy to hold their ground against the monsters that were the PS1 and PS2?

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Older than a good chunk of it, anyway, as it states in the article.

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Thank you for responding to the article itself and not the title. I'll be honest, maybe the title hurts the content in this case, but I still wished more people took some time to read it to see what it had to say.

Either way, I'm glad my article's points did come across.

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