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I'm not missing out on any PC exclusives though. The Xbox has all of those games you just named! LOL

If the Xbox doesnt have it, the PS3 does. Same with this gen: If the One doesnt have it, then the PS4 does.

"All those games can be played on PC or Xbox, but not Playstation. Imagine that."

This line here that you typed is completely irrelevant. I'm not even going to entertain that comment.

It was the same in... #17.2.1
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I don't think many people (or even developers) take PC gaming seriously. Which is unfortunate.


Where's Bayonetta? Red Dead runs at what resolution on PC?


Titanfall is a great exclusive!

How many Halo games does PC have again? GeoW? Uncharted? Huh?

It is strange PCs have all this power but... well. you get the rest.

At least PCs have more F2P... #17
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I just dont like liars. Dont pretend to be a fan if you are not.

Also, it is funny how most news reporters say we are evil and then turn around and act like they like gaming afterwards whenever it is convenient.

GTFOutta here with that crap man. #21
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Hoping I win... something. I never win anything. #277
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No mishimas on the list?

Auto-FAIL. #3
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LOL I was almost sure I was going to see a "RAGINGU STARMUU"!!!

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Just why did you have to go there? #3.1
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I'm thankful for technology! #429
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You both got disagrees but he got more because it looked like it favored the X1 to those who are uninformed.

It is crazy because you are both right, but N4G can't stand anything neutral or favoring X1. #1.2.3
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No one read the article:

"A stylish 'bokeh' depth-of-field effect is used for PS4's pre-race camera angles. This is entirely missing on Xbox One, which instead uses a cheaper blur effect- muddying car details until its removal on the start of a race."

"All eyes on the hills. You have to look to the far horizon to see any difference in level-of-detail scaling, where some trees and plants aren't being rendered on Xbox One. A nit-pick... #7
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That's one day.

You have at least 5 more days before your character gets randomly wiped. #1.1
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My sides. #1.5.1
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"there's a Dojo that you can use to play versus each other"

But that is PvP. Just because you dont get anything doesnt mean it stops being Player vs Player.

They are watching players feedback to see how much they need to change it. They know it is unbalanced right now.

smh. Dont why why I even bother commenting on here sometimes. #6.1.1
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All of you fail. There is PvP. And people even agreed with you...

...tsk tsk. #6
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Wow, Ky's hair got long. #12
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@sage honor

Because developers get paid on an hourly basis like you and I. They do not make money per game sold. This means they were paid for their development time before the game shipped.

Only publishers after that point make money from games sold. #1.2.3
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That's amazing. I bet you're a cool dad.

Wish my dad would have played video games with me...

When he was alive. #5.1
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You'll play all multiplats on PC?

Have fun playing Dragon's Dogma.
Have fun playing Red Dead Redemption.
Have fun playing Vanquish.
Have fun playing Bayonetta.
Have fun playing No More Heroes.
Have fun playing Marvel Vs. Capcom
Have fun playing Destiny.

Then there are exclusives...

I can do this all day, but the list would be so long, I would get reported for spamming.

I... #1.5.2
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Who keeps asking these people questions? #8
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How much are you selling your dog for? #1.1.1
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