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My one and only gripe with this game after 24 hours of playtime is the fact that every so often for no reason what so ever the game totally exits and im back at the desktop screen (not my systems fault im playing at ultra with relative ease).

If that wasn't annoying enough the first time it happened i was just about to finish a dragon. Apart from that though i haven't been this addicted to a game in a long time, it's amazing. I play for hours on end and don't ...

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Honestly they should name it 'YOU DIED Souls' :-P, that way it would literally explain the whole premise of the game in the name lol...

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See the only issue i have this scenario is that regardless of everything, it is still a video game. Not a war simulation. I'm sure if Dice wanted to go for 100% accuracy they could do so, but it may be detrimental to how fun the game is.

Although on another front it's a testament to how far games have come that they're actually getting attention from ex soldiers.

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@ SHREDDER: Well everyones entitled to their own opinions dude, even though I happen to disagree.

I don't know whether you've ever played Demons Souls or not, but the multiplayer isn't the conventional kind like CoD or pretty much any other game for that matter. If Dark Souls is anything like Demon's souls then it isn't made primarily to be played with friends, however with the right conditions you can rig it so it happens. Believe me i'm well aware t...

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I get why they've done it. They have a very specific vision of how the game is meant to be played to give the experience they were going for - which is through messages and using the in game hints left by other gamers.

On another note this doesn't effect me at all as i'll be doing exactly what i did with demon's souls.......playing it on ps3 whilst in party chat with friends on xbox also playing it on the ps3 :-P.

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FF Vs 13 - The game that's produced when you're not trying to sell out to a western audience and in the process losing the very essence of what made western gamers love them in the first place.

Obviously I have nothing to base this assumption off, i'm just praying!! lol. If it wasn't for this and type-0, my faith in Squeenix would be all but shattered - it's only just hanging in there now. Ah well at least i have From Software to pick up the pieces.

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The mans a total retard as far as i'm concerned. He's obviously tapped in the head. And the mother isn't any better - mother being a term very VERY loosely used.

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In my opinion, more resources need contributing to battery development, because our current energy solutions (at least those viable enough for use in a mass market product) just aren't keeping up with the evolution rate of mobile tech.

I'm all for making things run more efficiently, but that's only going to go so far, and with dual and quad core mobile essentials becoming more the norm by the day, plus higher res screens - i think it's an issue that's only...

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@ForTheFallen - The issue is in this example there are ALOT of alternatives. Noone is forcing anyone to pay for anything, people are doing it because they want to, not because they don't have a say in the matter.

And popular for the general masses may not equal good for you or I, but it obviously does for them, as they're the ones that keep buying it, and i'm sure when they're finally sick of it, they will stop buying it. I know alot of people who game casuall...

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Amen to this article!

Makes me feel just a little bit old skool. I miss the PS2/GC/XB era i really do.

Can't wait for this! Looking forward to tearing my hair out at 4am because I just lost 100,000 souls trying to beat 1 boss after 5 hours of grinding just to get to him. It's annoying.....and i love the hell out of it!

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I dunno, perhaps it's my age (and i'm only 22), but just recently I seem to be going off FPS's altogether....you can have too much of a good thing. That's not to say they don't look good, i think MW3 and BF3 look very good in both of their respective ways.....but of all the games in my shopping list this fall, neither of these are one of them (and I have a pc capable or running BF3).

Funnily enough aside from my Ultimate Metal Gear Solid HD collection my t...

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These guys are just mindless moronic idiots, who took advantage of what was a peaceful protest and exacerbated it. They're don't even know why they're rioting, let alone who's livelihoods theyre destroying all over london.

Theyre giving the general youth populous a bad name, when 99% of us are incredibly ashamed of what's happening - they give real anarchists a bad name, theres no good cause behind their actions just pointless violence.


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I think what BustedDpad means is that generally giving the impression that you're superior in some way or another (probably unintentionally) is a turn off - i think theres a difference between that and politely correcting someone, in the right circumstances. I can see where you're both coming from - but being ignorantly right is annoying.

There is an expression I believe: A wise man knows all and says nothing and a stupid man says all and knows nothing.

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It's going to torture me knowing the full game is right there, able to play - and i can't touch it until march!!!!!

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you guys are aware that the ps3 version was completely finished and finalised before the 360 version was started aren't you?

But then again this is n4g, anything that could even remotely hint to something negative on the 360 in any way or form is instantly jumped apon and exacerbated.

Isn't it entirely possibly that they cut these things because they didn't flow well, or didn't fit with what they wanted (and I don't mean storage wise). You know not everything th...

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But in my experience bugs like that are usually twitchy and as a rule some of the environment tends to glitch slightly - in this video there is none of that, its just for a glitch it seems to be working way to smoothly.

On the other hand if it actually is a glitch its actually kind of amusing.

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WOW was that one hell of a rant if ever you saw one! lol. Anyways yeah, I can't speak for everyone but from what I have seen, its usually just the sexually deprived 17 year old guy (as she mentions), that tends to get all hot under the collar at the idea of playing with a woman (you'll have to excuse the pun).

I have quite a few mates online that are women, to be truthful its not really something i think about. It's definately a good thing tho, otherwise its just way to much tes...

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had a party chat system like the 360 does then i honestly dont think there would be anything live offers over psn.

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are only direct competitors in the game industry. There are other projects where they actually collaborate. As companies they have a few ties to each other, so to the people on here it would seem like the second coming but it probably isnt such a big deal to the companies.

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the fact that were even able to read about something like this happening - its completely ludicrous. Alot of bad things happen but you don't ever expect to hear about youths burning other youths and finding it funny.

Its as though some of us are psychologically devolving back into primates. Luckily this doesn't represent 90% of the human race, but it's still incredibly hard to put into words the gut wrenching feeling I got whilst reading this.

To people who are that...

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