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The awkward moment when the author (me) is an Xbox owner...

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A quick search and you would've found the picture in a matter of seconds on Google images. Shut your mouth.

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If you'd taken the time to read my article, it's not a matter of IF it can compete, but the ways in which it can.

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Sounds like a terrorist.

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Correct me if I'm wrong but he didn't even say the words "it's like watching a scary movie with a friend" during the video. Don't mislead people.

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I'm all for individuality and the right to an opinion but the game is worthy of a much, much better score than a 6.

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Not a chance. The paid service has worked brilliantly for them this gen..there's no reason for them to revert to a free online service.

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Raymond Legends hahahahahaha

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No, I'm saying that the sense of entitlement people seem to feel these days is ridiculous. They rebooted the series and that's the way it is - like I said, I'd rather this than no new DMC game at all.

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Ninja Theory have the right to laugh - people have no right to feel entitled to anything. At least you're getting another freaking DMC game - it's better than nothing.

Not to mention that the game is awesome and totally deserving of the praise it's receiving.

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Read the article before posting irrelevant (to quote yourself) comments next time please.

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"I actually don't know what it is, I only just finished Mass Effect 2 last week. But I do have in on good authority from friends that I should be angry with how the game and trilogy end, so I guess I am."

You can't include Mass Effect 3's ending in the list if you haven't freaking played it. I'm a fellow writer and it's this sort of crap that makes me understand why people have such a low opinion of us.

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A wild decade appears!

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No. Reggie said he'd love to have the game on the Wii U.

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I never said it was a plus, I agree with what you said about playing together in the same room and feeling disconnected online. It's simply that split-screen gaming isn't as relevant as it used to be, and online gaming is extremely convenient and can still be a lot of fun.

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Considering doing a reverse article next week on what Sony could learn from MS, how does that sound?

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Not hate! I love mine too! It's just five things Microsoft could learn from Sony.

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Never said they couldn't.

FYI I'm the polar opposite of a Sony fanboy. Owned a 360 since launch and had a PS3 for just over a year, with every major game I play being on my 360.

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It'd be a definite sales boost, however I think you're aiming a little high there buddy.

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R.I.P Rare.

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