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Ok, let me put it this way. How many people you know actually go out and buy an iPhone with the idea of gaming as their primary function? I can't name anyone because that is why they do not purchase an iPhone or an Android. Gaming on smartphones are an afterthought, not the priority.

This argument also works for your comparisons argument. You can not compare a device with a primary function to play games and a device where gaming is an afterthought. Plus, the experiences ...

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Actually, after reading the article, the author is questioning Epic's decision to move away from the Vita and why dedicated handhelds should not be compared to smartphones for gaming.

The overall tone seems to be pro-dedicated handhelds.

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A new IP would be quite good, but I think there should also bring back some of the older characters. When was the last time we saw an Ice Climbers game or a Mother/Earthbound console game? Hell, what about a 3D console Pokemon game that plays like the handheld versions?

But, I am curious to what Nintendo can create, because it would be interesting to see a new IP.

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Of course. In fact I am a big fan of RPG's. I also like my story driven games as I love a great story, especially fantasy stories.

I grew up with quite a bit of books as a child and that followed me through my life. Fantasy has for quite some time my favourite genre. I bring this point up to show why I really like story driven games.

Now, I do like the Skyrim storyline, since I am a big fan of dragons, even if it involves killing them, but I think I wou...

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Really good article. You do make a great point. I have Oblivion and, as great of a game it is, the open world does pull away the focus of the storyline. Sure, a lot of gamers like that, but I do enjoy games where there is a focus on the plot. I also have the same feeling with the Grand Theft Auto series.

That is where I agree with the Assassin's Creed point. It does have a great focus on story and doesn't dilute it to an extent. If the Elder Scrolls games were a littl...

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I have played both Assassin's Creed and Assassin's Creed II and thoroughly enjoyed them both. Missed out on Brotherhood but very keen on getting Revelations.

Plus, if the story is novel-like, then I'm sold even more. For me, a strong story with realistic and enthralling characters is a must in these type of games.

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Ok, I love to introduce a list of imaginative games that has seen success and were developed by small, indie teams. Are you ready?

Super Meat Boy
World of Goo
'Splosion Man
The PixelJunk series

These games are fun, enjoyable and more original than any war shooter that tries to emulate Call of Duty.

Plus, the influx of casual players also led to the rise ...

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What an article, man. It actually points out the problems of the franchise and how it trickles into modern game design. Games are too easy these days and single player (which is the experience I care about) is becoming more watered down in certain games.

When a basic shooter is considered "the pinnacle of game design," then there is something wrong with the industry.

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