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The idea from Microsoft has always been releasing XBox-machines, licensed TV-connected PCs, and getting their software there, kind of steam machines or apple TVs. It will be their last if they convince manufacturers to hop on a licensing program.

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Well, for me the last rumors actually make the NX quite interesting. I really want to see what they will do, but I'm very inclined to say that if the idea is well-executed, It's a probable buy for me. I hope it's true.

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Yeah, forget the games we will see for a gazillionth time, but let's ask for 10 sequels instead.

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FFXV might be, yup.

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I would say even more: (All) video games are not for everyone.

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They got a new sale. Definitely buying this.

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Maybe he asked the doctor in his quest to calibrate the cannons

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As I always said, the gamers won.

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So no word on Dawn of War 3...

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DMC2? Dunno, In the vein of Bayonetta and a game that would be risky to do it on their own for a publisher, and from a japanese publisher. It's a similar case to Bayonetta, really.

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To all non-spanish-southamerican people: What you celebrate in April fools day, we celebrate in the 28th December.

So obviously, it's not news, but a joke.

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not enough bloom!! moar bloom!

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I just like to enter and see a random player playing while I do something else. More than TV.

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And here goes half my expectations for a P5 instead of P4A2...

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This one is "streamlined", abradley... wich means the menus are a little clearer, probably.

But I heard they pulled a RomeTW2 again, and it is recommended to wait a while until the patches arrive.

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It's a shame that it's a mobile phone game and these don't get localized. But at least I hope the game turns good enough to be a success. Looks good.

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The interesting one is the one not showed here. Even then, there's an evolution but I still don't see many applications for it. Out of cheap and effective motion capture 8D.

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Long-term provision of content and focus on mobiles is a good strategy for them. Not to be the only lines of work, but I agree that it's a good way to work.

I haven't made a single commentary on HOW they provide it.

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Just to ask... Halo AND Titanfall (in the same sentence) is considered variety?

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