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agreed, hell they already did a prequel and how well did that do?

I would love a completely independent story, love the 30 years in future idea.

Needs clean slate, new generation, new story

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it matters for people who arent sitting within 5 feet of their ps3

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I would like pc version but do not want to wait until end of April, so ps3 version it is.

Too bad we cant just get a port to next gen systems even if it looked like last gen, I much prefer dualshock 4 (wireless)

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you do know that his show is a Q + A right? so hes answering questions. He also does not make the headline for gametrailers nor N4G.

This isn't an article at all.

Not to mention that the question was asking for more details on how exactly the payments worked for the publishers whos games were on the service.

Its also 1/3 of the video.

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you "read" the video?

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I watch his show regularly and wonder why people think he's always wrong.

Of course he isn't always right, nature of predictions.

Does anyone listen to sports radio? They are wrong 80% of the time and will kill anyone with a different opinion.

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Grammar police for one missing punctuation?

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This rambo game isnt a naughty dog game either thats a stretch too.

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where did anyone say anything about stealing besides you?

Also, who buys a rig for one year? PC gaming has a larger price to entry but games are much much cheaper, especially if your patient. Even new they are ten bucks cheaper.

seeing as $1000 gets you a good enough rig (i got a gaming laptop for that much so desktops even further) i think PC is cheaper within one to two years if you buy enough games

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Early 360 was a beast with mass effect bioshock crackdown on top of halo and gears in their prime.

Then crackdown 2 was worst sequel ever, (and lazy, same map?!) they lose mass effect (which was huge) bioshock, bury rare in kinect titles, and stick to trying to buy ps3 exclusives not built by owned devs

Meanwhile halo 4 had little staying power online and gears is nowhere to be found after last game cash in disappointment (I still love gears 1-3).

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Ps+ sold me a vita, been worth every penny thus far. I didn't have a problem with paid online for Sony only because I was already paying for it. And at least netflix and Hulu aren't behind the pay wall for the single player type gamer.

The key for both live and psn fees being worth it is the server support, hopefully both sides get what they are promised. I haven't had issues playing online with either console (bf4 being a different issue).

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Both have been revealed already

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I used to be in this camp, but then I just played the original again, it holds up.

Rather see a 3d remake of FF6

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Yo noid! 2

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thats a bit of a stretch... ya they trend more toward handhelds, but ps4 will sell just fine there.

its more like sony knows it owns japan and wanted to target north america and europe first to take the more competitive markets first.

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Bathyj dont apologize, reading comprehension fail on their part.

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This is horrible, I actually hope this guy doesn't get the attention he's obviously starving for.

Instead of causing an uproar and inadvertently advertise this horrible idea. I wish we could take it away, bury it, and take away his right to free speech.

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Even if you dont buy both, all gamers are winners.

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Why are you glad you have to wait? The problems have been exaggerated. Some people had issues for half of launch day getting on psn.

Its not like your getting a better ps4.

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this is exactly what happens

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