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Learn lucid dreaming

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PS4.5 won't be cheap... (sorry)

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I feel the same way. I thought Driveclub was going to become a service with updates for many years to come.

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Why have you got a picture of my dog as your profile pic? Haha looks exactly the same as mine.

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Absolutely! spot on.

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You pretty much described why I didn't buy it. I was never really interested in it. I've got Driveclub but Assetto Corsa has my attention...

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Tell me about it.

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You obviously havn't understood. Driveclub PS+ edition is free with PS+ to all current and future subscribers.

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Seeing as most people have 1080p tvs 1080p is fine for now but I would expect the next generation to jump up to 4k 30fps minimum. Anyway, there are games which look better in 1080p than 4k so resolution isn't everything.

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Some times a little says a lot?

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I have a feeling Gaikai is providing additional power to Driveclub...

The graphics are bonkers.

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Yeah, it's available in the UK.

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I don't know if it helps but if you go to the quick menu by holding the PS button you will see spotify there.

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A 5/5 can be anything between 81-100 when compared to out of 100.

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I love driving the Enzo Ferrari at midday with clear weather on Putre Chile. It's just so beautiful...

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"Developers building games for VR are encouraged to target 120 FPS. But for those looking for high graphics, we offer the option to render games at 60 FPS but output at 120 FPS"

I don't understand this. Does project morpheus increase the PS4's processing power?

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I, like you, Crazyglues, love driving the venom.

I havn't played much since the last update, is it really easier to drive now?

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Would anyone like to imagine what this game would look on an oled tv?

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Why wouldn't the current gen's installed base be dwarfed by the last gen?

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