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Yes yes yes

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"More important than that, however, is a wider field of view. Having a wider field of view can make you feel more immersed in the world"


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"So far all games Guerrilla have been profitable. As long as we hold that we keep our creative freedom. " That's probably why Sony closed Evo. :(

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There should be more people like you.

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Christmas is so far away and there's no guarantee it will ever turn up. Live in the moment.

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"NXGamer on Youtube is getting better at them at their own game". Nice line, I checked out their channel and thanks to you they got a sub from me. 👍

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"If you care about what people think about you then you're paranoid"

OK, calm down. He just said he wouldn't like to be seen in public with a Nintendo switch lol.

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Driveclub looks better than real life but to be honest there's not much in it.

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When the first PS5 vs Scorpio comparo come out all hell will break loose. Hehehe. See what I did there?

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"But I heard a game the other day saying that the Pro would improve its resolution somehow."

Battlezone with super sampling.

See here:

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I really like accessibility so this is vr to my mind.

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4K textures at 1080p is downsampling right?

Well in this video they compare native 1080p and 3680x2070 downsampled to 1080p. See min 1:28.

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Yeah, but he was talking about non-vr Driveclub. This is what it says on the playstation blog about Driveclub vr:

"Driveclub VR does not take the full power of the PS4 Pro, but there will be a few more visual details enabled."

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I am shocked that you are shocked that solideagle is shocked.

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I read on the PS EU blog that Driveclub VR will get a PS4 pro patch so those who are unhappy with the graphics can just upgrade to the PS4 Pro.

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This reminds me of when I tried to name my myclub team in PES2016 "FC Pingo". It wouldn't let me. Really no idea why.

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Just use an option file.

Here's a video to assist you :

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Learn lucid dreaming

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PS4.5 won't be cheap... (sorry)

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I feel the same way. I thought Driveclub was going to become a service with updates for many years to come.

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