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*True* Devil May Cry Fan here. I have all of the games, the HD collection (and originals) and all the animated stuff.

DmC was a good game for what it was. People don't like it because it was different. It was not "broken" mechanically, it just iust isn't as deep a combo system as Devil May Cry 3/4. The art style was something I haven't seen before and the story was modern and had good real-world undertones. Also, having Dante be a person with issues inst... #10
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I have owned all three consoles since day one, and also work for a major retailer that sells these consoles for very long time, directly in the gaming department. I also managed a Gamestop for years beforehand. I am a staple in the gaming community in my area and constantly converse with gamers, hundreds of them a year if not more. Using my experience as a sample and based on the industry as a whole, I guarantee you that PlayStation plus will become a mandatory paid service before Xbox live b... #24
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Every biased article is a waste of time and makes the writer look like an uncredited hack. I'm not "pro" any console, and the opinion of anyone who can't appreciate every console is invalid. #22
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You can say he's "wrong", reviews are based on opinions, and opinions can't be wrong unless they go against facts. He didn't say the opposite of anything we know to be fact. This video is even more idiotic becausenyoure judging his opinion of a game you haven't played, and therefore should have no opinion of your own rebasing it. #16
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Also, I like how quickly people bash Adam and Morgan. I guess you all conveniently forget that they are two of the only people in the gaming journalism community who fight for the industry and bring real topics to light, like the recent dealings in California, and bigotry online.

I don't necessarily mean people in this thread, but look at some of the comments on the link. One guy says he wants Morgan Webb to have a miscarriage. The community is the problem. #10
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Adam and Morgan always cut through the bull crap, and people get mad when they do. MML 3 was not "long awaited". Nobody was waiting for it with baited breath before Capcom announced it. Now that Capcom canceled it and people are "rallying" about it and making a huge stink, it's become MORE of a problem. Capcom does not owe anyone anything, and gamers feeling entitled is a bigger problem than anyone's informed opinion. #8
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