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"This is good... Isn't it?"


When I can wait a few months and play both on PS4?

LOL, yeah sure I'll buy an Xbox 1 for this /s #1.1.12
The worrisome thing for X1 is much of June's sales just had to have been hold-outs from May after the price cut was announced.

If MS couldn't win this month, then I don't even know what July is going to look like when X1 doesn't have a portion of the previous month's sales to bolster its numbers.

X1 might be screwed at least until the Halo MCC comes or good holiday deals / sales. But the problem with that it, Sony has great titles coming... #1.1.3
Either way proof or not, I never do these updates right away if I can help it. Let others beta test it for you. Don't be a victim #1.1.3
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So X1's shipped for the whole quarter (1.2 mil) what PS4 sold through to actually customers in one month (1 mil).

Dang, MS... Say goodbye to that marketshare you gained last gen at this rate. #1.1.14
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@ nukeitall

"Did you know that the sales difference between Xbox One and PS4 at 1 million would be erased if MS only sold 30 thousands units in the 40 or so country PS4 released, and MS would have beaten Sony."

If reports are to be believed that MS are locked into a 1 million per month production contract vs PS4's 1.4 million a month, X1 still couldn't catch up if released in the same amount of countries with both systems selling out. The gap... #1.1.29
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"and it was a more concrete and more detailed rumor, from a more reliable GAF source"

Just wanted to add that Demonite is an actual Sony employee. Doesn't get more reliable than that :)

Nevermind, majiebeast stated this already #1.1.10
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I actually miss 2D rpgs, but I hope you get to make the game the way you really want it to be and it's a success. #1.1.3
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Who the heck wouldn't want a new Demon's Souls?!

Oh, nevermind... we know who ;)

It is coming though. Sony already said they're kicking themselves over not publishing it here and not pushing back hard enough when Dark Souls was announced.

Sony still has a great relationship with From though, and Miyazaki isn't as deeply involved with Dark Souls II which could have freed him up for a new Demon's Souls, or so the rumor goes. #5.1
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I have to tell ya.

After watching The Spartan Show on Twitch tv all last night (where random dude and pregnant wife setup his own talk show using PS4 Playroom and Google Voice to take calls), I think PS4 wins the social aspect now also.

That was just incredible with people like Adam Boyes, other Sony top guys, and indie devs catching wind of it and calling in to support them and talk to people. And Shu watching and tweeting about them. Gaming personalities... #1.2.3
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whew... that just made me tear up :(

Shu's amazing #4.1
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PS4 inspired by two of the greatest games ever?

No wonder :D #7
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Blasto is a good guess.

I'd want ZoE.

My longshot is Jumping Flash for Sony's VR headset complete with motion sickness. #1.1.16
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Nooo! Don't ruin it with that mental image!

Gah D: #2.1
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Policenauts or Snatcher ps4 remake!

Believe :) #1.1.5
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That console would be insane! :) #2.1
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Neogaf's Proelite said this a few week backs

The biggest issue with Xbox One isn't 720p, it's what happens if some games push the system.

He said the choice was 720p or questionable OS stability, so MS is choosing to limit some games at 720p - 900p.

Found the link #1.1.8
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Durante's unreal
His Dark Souls fix is great too. He does what these publishers should do in about an hour's time.

Gaf has some crazy talented members over there. #2
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@ Green

"Cboat and most Neogaf members are nothing more than trolls. Of all the info coming from Neogaf and their "insiders" No positive news and/or more exciting/important news is ever revealed. Nothing from Sony is ever revealed."

You do realize famousmortimor (the one behind this leak along with CBOAT) is the one who comfirmed the Driveclub delay, and even had a ban bet with the mods if the DC rumor turned out not to be true, right? He... #1.1.26
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Honestly, when has a "Get the facts" campaign ever not been in the center of totally crappy situations?

It's usually for used for stuff like the dangers of smoking or drugs, teenage pregnancy, STI's (STD's in my time), and the like...

The fact that MS has to use a "Get the facts" campaign speaks volumes. And it could actually be making things worse.

I mean if I hear "get the facts" connected to a prod... #1.1.7
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