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Uncharted 2 Beta
The Uncharted 2 Beta is so fun! #5
I love the xbox and all but this is getting retarded. I cant even join a nice game of call of duty 4 #5
Not being a fanboy but what is so bad about the console? #2
FYI just thought I would let your guys know that the link that was on's news post was just a reference to others having the lag problem. We hadn't even seen there forums post until people on our xbox live friend list was having complaints about the lag so we thought we would do a little investigating around some forums and what do you know we found one. I have 101 friend and most are having this problem. #10
$70.00 US Dollars #2
It looks cool and it is so thin. #2
Guitar Hero III
A Cool Guitar Hero III Demo For Xbox 360 Video #11
That was so insane #1
The xbox 360 elite is so cool #3
This looks cool #2
That poor xbox 360. #3
Cool #1
That look cool #2
This is not a personal contest its intentions were for promotion of the products and giving to the gaming community. Joystick Radio posted this here to be able to reach out more to gamers and maybe make these products a reality for some that cant afford to purchase them. #3
lol #17
cool #3
that kid is in idiot #47
OMG #7
popeye episode on the tv
Yes it does show full episode #2.2
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