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for those of you who say tianfall is gonna be only on xbox for ever bioshock 1 and mass effect say hello shit happens get over it if it comes cool i still wont buy it if i had an x1 right now still wouldnt buy it simple as that

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Omg thank god someone else has this shit i got a spam group message the first week and it wont let me delete it theres still like 10 people in it cant send a message delete it change the title nothing and it always shows theres a new fucking message its so annoying guess ill try that last option maybe sony will patch it in dont really want to delete everything mine hasnt gave me a blue screen or anything just wont fucking delete

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Wasnt planing on buying it or even downloading the free version....

so this has absolutely no effect for me at all

28 days!

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are they litterally going to reverse everything they said to start with jesus i mean its good for us gamers but it just makes ms look weak as fuck

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omg omg my hype lvl is so fucking high right now ALL ABORAD THE HYYYYYPE TRAIN @jnewday2k13 it could be at the end when solid snake does his first mission and him and big boss have a convo im seriously pumped its endless possibilitys

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there you go cant wait looks cool

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who gives a shit? it looked compleate ass it i need an my fps fix ill get destiney or killzone

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hopefully its the middle of nov. i get paid three times that month so that middle check is my free do whatever check

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preordered mine at gamestop today that and an extra controller could not be fucking happier tho he said x1 was sold out of preorders but the guy said they were told they were only getting 25 and ps4 said hes getting "alot" so take that what you will

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No one gives a shit kojima the damage is done

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halo 4 aint even a year old that would be just pathitic

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LOL @ people defending a dieing breed

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Gay mgs1 is just a download ill buy this for the sake of the collection and the two movies the movies are hard to come by

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If you prefer twin snakes over the original your no mgs fan straight up just gtfo

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looks fun! just like the third one day 1 for sure

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i can see it

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"to pause content when a viewer turns their head away from a TV."

"hey babe get me a beer o shit it paused o cool"

said no gamer ever

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if its Kiefer Sutherland i just wont buy it stright up im a huge mgs fan and just simply no i refuse to watch the downfall of a series i love they should have stoped after 4 and moved the fuck on

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Actually it didnt the first metal gear game came out on the msx as stated above not nintendo the nes version was a complete joke and kojima didnt even work on it im so sick of people who say this. People need to look shit up before they run there mouth and for anyone to say that mgs and playstation dont go together is a idiot when you think mgs playstion 1 is almost everyones thought thats why people say its one in the same because it was for the most part everyones first mgs memory

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