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what needs work? game looks perfect to me #8
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WD was built for PS3 and 360, IMHO Watch Dogs is not a next gen Game #9
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one of best graphics I've ever seen in any game.. #12
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there is no excuse for anyone buying a Xbox One #4
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Sega won't release more games to the Wii U until Nintendo sells more consoles #3.1.1
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Why sega? The Wii U already had a larger install base than the XBox One #3
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I don't think the Wii U has the horsepower for this game #4
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i agree with you #4.3.1
eSRAM meh! it is clear for me that in terms of Graphics hardware Xbox One has a big edge, Ryse is arguably the best-looking next gen game ever #4
if Bayonetta 2 was a success Wii U will probably get Bayonetta 3, in my professional opinion I don't see that happening #12
sunset overdrive #4.2
Drive Club was worth the price of the PS4 alone, But the wii U will beat XONE and PS4 next year #12
the Wii U is ready to outsell the PS4 and Xbox One next year #10
They will never be over, Its all about brand loyalty #4
Destiny will sell a ton of PS4s, millions #16
Street Fighter 4 is the best #12
2.lolipop chainsaw
3.damnation fantasy 13
6.aliens colonial marines
7.shaq fu
8.Fast & Furious: Showdown
9.Hannah Montana: The Movie
10.Bible Adventures nes #17
i love gamestop, I always love talking to the employees #1.4
Looks pretty good to me, I'll wait to see if it comes to PS4 first due to Insomniac owning the IP %100 #2.1
The customer is the only person losing in this #6
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