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This game looks awesome. Can't wait. Nice preview and video.

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Great review. Game sounds like it is a lot of fun.

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Awesome review dude. Completely spoiler free and really well written. Good job.

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Lol, you obviously haven't played it. Uncharted 4 will wipe the floor with QB, trust me.

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It really isn't a shame it's not coming to PS4, trust me. The reviews will reveal all. ;)

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Interesting. Some of those prices + incentives look much better, especially if you are a PS Plus member.

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Well I know a journalist who played Titanfall on Friday at an event in London (embargo early next week) and he told me that while Titanfall is a lot of fun to play, graphically it looks very disappointing on both PC and Xbox One. He said the fact that it runs 720p on Xbox One makes it feel more like it's running on Xbox 360 and this the latest build.

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Amazing. Well Done Sony.

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Doesn't look like they have changed much from Xbox 360 prices. Powerstar Golf price seems ok, have heard good things about that game.

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I think Resogun looks awesome. Really looking forward to Knack and Killzone too. I think both consoles are fairly lacking tho. I mean Xbox One only has Ryse, Dead Rising 3 and Forza, so that's hardly ground breaking either.

InFamous is where it's at. Pity that's not a launch title.

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Looks ok. It makes 3DS XL look even better though.

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You're probably right.

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Brilliant review. This game sounds so good.

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So I take if you think this this was the finished game then yeah? You don't think that almost a year with more polish won't make this look like one of the best games you've ever played? 8-9 months is a lot of time in game development. It already looks stunning, imagine how much better it will look later down the line.

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Nice to see someone say something positive about PS4 and Sony. Fed up with these so called journalists bashing the conference. Gaming Journalists seem to be a miserable bunch who are never happy, picking at the stupidest of things.

Sony had a great conference and this journalist is correct, there is a lot more to come from Sony at E3 and Gamescom. Why would Sony show everything now? It would be business suicide.

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Some very interesting points to be fair. Good Article.

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Pleased about this.

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Great review, why isn't it hotter?

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Great review.

Seems the game hasn't changed much but enough to make it worthwhile.

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Good to see DCUO getting into the top ten, it must have sold quite well.

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