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Rockstar is contractually obligated to develop a Sony exclusive as a result of a Take-Two buyout of Team Bondi's IP. Sony had invested money in the initial development of LA Noire and as per the terms of the buyout, a platform exclusive was part of the deal. Adorable tis not. Just plain ol' business. #12.1
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Primarily US? This is an English language gaming news site not a US only site; plenty of British, Canadian, Irish, Australian, South African, New Zealanders on here, alongside users from continental Europe, India ect.

Some of the best gaming publications and sites are non-US; Eurogamer, Edge, NowGamer, VG247 ect ect. And ironically enough so is N4G, founded in Olso, Norway back in 2006. #5.2.3
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Just a heads up lads, I've a Hong Kong account on my Irish PS4. Easy to set up an account, all the games are in English,it accepts Visa debit and most importantly it's way way cheaper. Once you download games, you can play them with your original PSN account.

PSN Plus for 12 months works out at around 25-30 euro, and the deals are great. Just bought Dragon Age Inquisition Deluxe edition for 21 quid, FIFA 15 was the same price. #1.1.2
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'Consoles are to blame'?! Haha, good one.

GTA V cost $265 million to develop and market. GTA 5 (and GTA 4, for that matter) would not exist without the strength of sales on consoles.

Rockstar aren't freaking morons who are going to invest a quarter of a billion on a PC exclusive, whilst at the same time alienating the majority of their fanbase on consoles; hardcore and casual gamers alike. #14.2
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'Sir Daniel Fortesque, back from the dead once again the great hero. of Gallowmere, reduced to a dusty relic at the back of the old museum' #10.1.2
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I know that the likes of GTA & COD receive alot of blame from the media, in that regard. But Mario is a terrible influence; he is a turtle murdering sadist who stalks a princess, all while pillaging every piece of gold he can sniff-out. I'd blame it on the psychedelic 'shrooms... #1.2
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'I spent much of last year on these adventures, venturing everywhere from Mordor and Sunset City, to Los Santos and a near-future Chicago, searching out every tiny detail. It sometimes could be exhausting. The overwhelming number of options in these games turned them into huge toy boxes that, in most cases, I knew I'd never actually finish. Just looking at the mini-map in Assassin's Creed: Unity made me tired.

The Order, on the other hand, is refreshingly linear.... #3.1
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I always play single player games like The Order on hard first time round.

*Minor Spoiler* According to a Eurogamer preview, using the health replenishers can effect your character, so it'll make it even more challenging, trying to ration them out on hard.

Could probably stretch that out the 10.48hrs by a few more. #2.2
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Doubt this works outside of the UK & DE, if you're thinking of buying these sims... #1.1
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Picked up AC Unity Gold Edition on the Hong Kong PSN last night, after it had already been taken down from EU PSN, for €55.

AC Unity, all the future DLC & Far Cry 4. Saved around €120 on the normal digital pricing! #1.1.3
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I know some people are hyped for this game; but from the playthroughs I've seen; the gameplay looks stale, graphics are last-gen, environments are recycled from recent horror indies & the dialogue is cringeworthy (case in-point 'What the cock!').

Disappointing, as Revelations on the 3DS was good, and the ports were definitely passable as the game was originally built for a handheld. But Capcom seem to be cashing in again...minimal effort on the new gen, should... #3
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Misogyny is a minority in gaming, what is far more worrying is the advent of 'review' events hosted by the likes of Activision & Sledgehammer.

Wining, dining & free accommodation for the cherry-picked 'journalists' in question, is an absolute disgrace.

Reviews are supposed to be objective analysis', not one big PR circle-jerk orchestrated by the publisher. #1.1
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Black, Mercenaries and Red Faction, all PS2 games that got destructive environments right. Why devs can't implement it right on modern consoles is beyond me...

Battlefield Bad Company did a good job with being able to take down entire buildings, then they pared it back for BF3...Red Faction did the same with Armeggedom, and it ended up sinking the franchise.

Half the fun was in how much you wreck the place... Good times playing 4-player split screen Red F... #1.1.2
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Siren Blood Curse - 2008 - Fresh take
Resident Evil Revelations 2 - 2015 - Jaded cash-in #4.1
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Not sure if it's you'd consider it a shooter per-se, but I sure as hell saw a lot of money-shots! #9.1.1
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I had a hard time explaining to the guy in the repair store; as to why the shoulder buttons on my PSP were always least the screen wipe 'came' in handy! #2.4.2
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@IrishGuy95: A 19 yo with the mind of a 7 yo, sums up most of the users *fanboys* on N4G! Let the disagrees roll in... #1.1.2
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Not sure if I saw COD, but Spacey is button mashing the hell out of his Dualshock here: #1.1.2
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Killzone is a plot device in House of Cards, for his character to let out his latent aggression.

He probably said 'why the hell not, video games seem pretty fun' when Activision approached him with bags of cash! #1.1
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