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'Atypical' is an antonym for 'typical'. #6.3
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Why do you care? It's cool if you like that the PS4 is selling, but why even talk about it smashing the competition? It's juvenile. #1.4.1
I like both, but Forza 6 is much better. #17
It sure does. And it'll probably be a 6+ month difference. #10.1
When can we properly organize the main menu? I'm tired of all the illogically scattered icons on my PS4 main menu. I'm sick o fit. #19
I really wish I could disable the voice acting in Disgaea. I am a huge fan of SRPGs, but find the characters tragically annoying. Listening to them speak and yell random crap all the time ruins my experience. I uninstalled the demo after 20 minutes. #8
English is his second language. Respect for him trying. #6.1
My main menu is a mess. #11.1
What is Capcom thinking!? #8
You're a hater. You should invest your time and energy into something positive. #3.10
Not even I, as a MGS fanboy, think that MGS5 deserves a 10/10. But it certainly isn't a 4/10. It deserves more than that just for presentation, polish, features, and gameplay. #12.2
Competition is always good. #1.1
Clickbait. What is CeX anyway? #9
The only people who are skeptical like you are those who haven't used virtual reality. It's so beyond comprehension. I would take out a $1500 loan to make it happen. #3.2
I forgot that I had a sandwich for lunch until I saw that Call of Duty PS4. #66
It's time to move to Japan. #4
That's fair. I think MS is doing a good job, but these Destiny and soon-to-be Star Wars: Battlefront bundles are going to kill the charts. #1.2
Hopefully it makes a big profit and shows Konami that it's worth the time and effort to make great AAA games. #1.1
Most of Xbox One's greatest exclusives aren't FPS. What in the world are you talking about? #6.5
I much prefer my Xbox One at the moment for its controller, exclusive games, and online experience. #37
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