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Worst idea I've heard today. #4.1
Such an exciting time to be alive. #15
Impulse is definitely nice in Forza. No doubt! #3.1
Halo 5 for me. Bloodborne was good, but it didn't last me long. #28
I can't wait to play as Cassie Cage. #1
It's a fanboy comment. Ignore. #6.1.1
I greatly dislike the Blood Vials and lack of build diversity. #10
It needs a killer soundtrack and addictive gameplay. #1
Dark Souls any day for me. #8
I've installed the day one patch and it didn't change performance or loading times. It was 2.7 GB and unlocked the multiplayer components of the game. #44.1
I have the game and can confirm that the loading times are the worst thing about it. Every single loading time is at least 40 seconds. This makes dying so much more frustrating, and going back to town to level up and upgrade means you'll spend at least 1 minute 20 seconds loading.

Game is great, thankfully. I just wish the loading times weren't so bad. #45
You're looking at it from one perspective. As a multi-platform owner (I literally own every platform) the way I see it, I don't need a PS4 to play No Man's Sky or King's Quest. Therefore, it isn't PS4 exclusive. #1.8.1
All those games are either coming to another platform or don't have an announced release window of 2015. #1.6
It really is a very special game. #1.1
Have you seen its sales figures?

Hint: you're wrong. #12.1
This... is insane. #8
They serve as a great way to present goals. I mean, you can create them yourself whether or not trophies exist, though. #3
This game can be a blast when playing with friends. #1
This game didn't last very long, sadly. #4
He's in a management level position at the company that made the game. Whether or not he has any say in the matter is only partially relevant. It's frightening that someone in his position would say such. #1.3
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