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Indeed. #3.1
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Thank you so much! #4.1
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This content is stolen directly from NeoGAF. #9
If you really like this sort of grind, you should check out Korean MMORPGs from 10 years ago. Although Destiny is less fun IMO than a lot of these MMOs, they have similar design choices. #7
The fact that they attack the story when it's not even 1% of the experience just makes me shake my head. There was an agenda here. #1.2
As long as gamers make a big deal out of graphics, developers will have very little interest in local multiplayer. #6.1
Wrong person. #4.2
I've played all of these, and would argue with every fiber of my being that Forza Horizon 2 is the best in the genre.

Fight me. #2.2
Fixed. I meant Underground 2. #1.1
This is my favorite game in YEARS. #6
Lovely game. #4
This game rocks socks!!! #2
Love this game! #2
9.0 from IGN, too. #1.1

Haha jk. #2.1
I am sad panda. #1.1
Xbox One deserves it. It's had a great first year on the market. #14
I already own a 3DS.... and I'm going to be replacing it with the new model! #1
This game will have a very high Metascore. #1
Hey, at least you can play! The Xbox 360 version should be good, too! #9.1
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