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NOT cool. What was Rockstar thinking? #2
I want this game to be good. Please be good! #20
It's about time this game arrives. I've been waiting for a loooong time. #6
FFVII is one of my favorite games! I just can't get over the blocky graphics. #1.1
It's difficult to hate on a delay when so many games are arriving well before they are ready. #2
I just lol'd. #3
It was a great month for everyone, even the forgotten Wii U! #4
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I'm not going to lie, I found it to be a slap in the face. #4
Goodness gracious. #23
Time to play some The Swapper. #2
I don't know but it sure is fun. #10
Dragon Quest needs to come to the states. #2
Why does everything have to be competitive? How about you just play you console and be happy instead of acting like a child? #8
I think ultimately we all just want a GOOD game, right? It definitely doesn't have to be an already established IP, but that can make it easier to market the appeal! #1.1
Sales ain't nothing. Just buy a console(s) and have fun. #21
It's amazing what kinds of games PS Plus gives to PS3 owners. #1
Agreed that Skate is a lot better than any recent THPS. But we can have both. :) #1.1
Same. It's a refreshing game that has a high skill cap and is exciting to play. Great addition to 2014. #1.1.1
Very useful comment. You brought up great points and clearly don't take gaming too seriously. #31.1
So many posters act as if the Xbox One is performing poorly. Losing to the best selling console of all time doesn't mean you're performing poorly. Get it straight. #32
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