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This is next gen. #1
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That's definitely a runner up. #7.1
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More fanboy garbage from someone who doesn't own both.

I own all next-gen consoles so I can say that. Quit being a fanboy. #8.1
Spencer for pres! #1.1
These updates are so good. <3 Xbox One. #11
Yeah. It looks REALLY good. #1.1
GOTY. #1
Strange game name. #5
I must be the odd one out. I absolutely hated my experience with this game. Everyone else seems to like it... #2
TESO is so disappointing IMO. #8
I own all 3 next-gen consoles and enjoy my Xbox One most right now, mostly because the PS4 games library has a long way to go. #55
I find this game so boring. I don't get what all the fuss is about. #7
Dem hotties. #1.2
Not a fan of this game. Oh well, I tried. #3
This must be a late April Fools joke. #8
You've gotta be joking.

I just sold my PS3. Shame on me. #11
I watch Twitch on my Xbox One on a DAILY basis. Even if in a snap window. #5
Agreed. #18
Great review. I was personally disappointed. #6
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