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I loved the beta but agree with you. #4.1
Well said. #1.1
This is one of my top 3 games to play this Fall. #2
Great podcast. RIP Iwata! #1
1. This isn't an error.

2. Simple mistake. Sentence removed. Thanks. #2.1
Come on 1080p MGSV! #3
I don't really have a problem with this. Development risk is a SERIOUS concern with publishers these days. Anything that facilitates comfort is a good thing. #2
You're a fanboy in case you didn't notice.

Maybe one day you'll grow up. I hope so for the sake of your family. #12.2
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It's one heck of a Fall library. I want so many games... #13
I thought it was awful. Want to meet in the middle and just say The Order was bad? #5.1
It fixes EVERYTHING. #2
This is getting ridiculous. #1
If I care about graphics for a particular game I just get it on PC. In most cases I don't mind either way. #2
Agreed. #1.1
I love the art style. #1
This game is going to be great. #1
Done. #1.1
This was a great game. I ended up beating it three times for the platinum trophy. :) #3
FFXIV is quite good, too! #1
Good review! #1
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