Back to uni and looking forward to getting myself back into gear
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Second screen experiences add a new dynamic to the traditional game play.they also allow you to contribute towards your overall progress in a game even when your away from your console.

Some developers can even use them to remove HUD information from the screen and place it on your tablet. So instead of pausing the action to access your map. you can simply look down touch a destination and the waypoint would be set.

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8.5 isn't to generous at all the game has an interesting story good gameplay and a well crafted open world. You've only played 4 hours so I guess it isn't really your thing and thats just how you feel but the majority of the people have enjoyed the game, claiming it to be the sleeper hit of 2012.

In terms of story it's quite rare to find this style of cop drama narrative work in an open world environment but UFG managed to make it work. You might not underst...

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In all fairness Versus xiii will still be released at some point to whether its still a PS3 exclusive is anyone guess. Hopefully Enix will take one of the two opportunities they have to update people on the games progress with an announcement at their Final fantasy anniversary event or TGS.

The initial gameplay footage they showed looked good and seemed to be a refinement of a lot of the systems they've used in previous titles and looked to borrow some elements from Type...

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I don't see how it can be one of the most overrated games considering it was only announced last month. People showing interest in a new game isn't a bad thing and it's not only the graphics that seems to stand out. The games set up, character and gameplay all look good, the ability to hack into a super computer and manipulate the system to solve puzzles and overcome obstacles.

Graphic aren't everything but you cant take away from the games visuals.

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Thanks I'm glad you like it. I'm sure yours will be fine, since if you think about it the whole saga carries a kind of dim tone due to the series convoluted story.

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Thanks. Metal gear is one the best if not the best stealth action game out there and Kojima knows what he's doing. Im pretty sure that MGS 5 will be good and more convoluted than ever especially if Kojima wants to bring snake back.

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I guess it would be hard to create consistency especially when games come together in different stages and not always in a particular ordered. It's nice to see developers attempting to use more mature subject matter but not all games need to.

I would say that people mainly expect it more in RPG and adventure games not FPS'swith the exception of bioshock and deus EX. Sometimes it's better to use minimalist/deep stories and focus on making intriguing characters so...

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I wouldn't say the other resistance games have great stories but they are more compelling and you actually get to know the characters to the extent where I actually felt for Joe in 3. Developers have being playing it safe with story but a lot of them have started to use more mature tone when you look at the Last of Us Laura croft and watch dogs.

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Thanks man. Having Mccaffrey back playing Max is great, personally I don't think it would have been the same without his voice. Hearing his voice created a lot of nostalgia from when I played the original.

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Thanks. Rockstar did a solid job with max Payne 3 despite having a lot to live up too and they've delivered a worthy sequel. They even added greater character depth with Maxes inner monologue.

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Heavy Rain one of my top 10 PS3 games, Thought it was amazing and unique and now we have Beyond two souls coming.

Nice review I like how you introduce the characters reads well too.

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Thanks for the feed back

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I think the PS4 sound great and theres been a lot of rumours to support recent reports and although sony won't officially confirm the report we all know it's out there. more recently Sony have said they are fairly confident that they will release before the next Xbox which is supposably scheduled for next year.

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The prorated games system is a good move to me because I buy new yes it can limit the amount of games I can afford but I don't mind. I just hope the report is wrong about backwards compatibility the PS3 has so many great game and to think I won't be able to play them on Sony's new system is worrying.

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The used game market has played a vital role for all consoles yet people who play used don't exactly support the industry which could hinder future developments. And a lot of people may buy used because its cheaper but games are reasonably priced when you think back to the Psone or SNES where you could pay £60 to £80 for a game and now you get much more value for money.
My biggest concern is the lack of backward compatibility with PS3 games I know they removed Psone and...

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It's a good point to say that if the mini map had been removed the linearity would have been removed not completely thought. In XIII you had no choice but to follow the story and grind when neccessary, square didn't provide much variation in the game.

My copy of XIII-2 arrived this week and can say square has made a conscious effort to implement fan feed back. XIII-2 plays great much like the last one espicially in terms of combat but introduces a ranger of new featu...

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I agree Squaresoft made the better final fantasy games but you can't take everything away from Square Enix. In XIII they may have taken a lot out but did provide pin sharp visuals during combat and exploration and introduced a ingenious battle system, which was highly engaging.

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Great review, I agree with you about the mass effect feeling thrown into the mix. I can safely say that this game is still amazing even after you finish it for the first time.

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Thanks i don't no what was wrong when i was writing this but it felt weird compared to when i was writing one for infamous 2. I completely agree Mass effect in one of the best series this gen and has added a nice touch to the RPG genre.

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I quoted it the sequel to the best selling PS3 game because the comic that comes with the hero addition says that the comic is based on the best selling PlayStation 3 game.

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