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Yeah, and Nintendo had the Virtual Boy.

WHAT is your POINT?

Suddenly gesture control is great because Sony is going to try it now?

What happened to the Move?

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This makes this rumor all the more likely then:

Sony wouldn't be issuing a console in 2012 if Microsoft didn't force their hand.

It's been like this:

Microsoft won't do a price cut on the 360 til Sony does one on the PS3.

Sony won't release a new con...

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So, what about the PlayStation Move, Sony?

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Question is: if MS does indeed announce the 720 for Xmas 2012, does this force Sony’s hand with a new console, or do they bide their time and release an even more powerful rig 1 or even 2 years later?

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It doesn't suck at all. It's just ordinary, save the destructible environments.

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FIFA South Africa is really good - underrated.

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Yeah, it sort of killed them to have to release Halo 3 not only on a new system, but in 2007 and not Nov. 2005.

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Seemed to work for the Xbox 1. :p

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IMDB says she did makeup and hair. No VO work and only one short film.

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DNF is playable on PC. 360 and PS3... not so much.

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PC, by definition. People with their killer rigs...

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I played it at E3 and I wanted more.

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I don't own a 3DS, but it's nice to see the first real killer app coming for it.

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I have to try this game out sometime soon.

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I'm looking forward to this.

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The graphics have been updated in a BIG way.

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It's so hard to play 20 minute sessions. I just want to spend a few hours on it at the very least.

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Well, Microsoft tried cross-platform - remember Shadowrun?

The reason Microsoft doesn't want the crossplatform Valve is offering is that they don't want Steam on their box, because it will eat Marketplace alive. Sony let the beast into their system - what happens if Valve decides it wants to release PS3 games on Steam? They'll rob Sony of digital sales, big time.

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This could be really awesome or really terrible.

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