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I took these tests for GamerDNA a while ago :p

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Nah, not too late. It's a nice setting too (ancient Rome).

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Seriously, Australia is a major mistake. Sony should have done a little research before choosing an exclusive provider there.

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You can use the skins for New Game Plus.

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Because it's extra.

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Guess what killed the PSP Go?

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Yeah, Standard and Poor's are big Microsoft fanboys for dropping Sony's credit rating due to four straight fiscal year losses. ;)

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500K retail sales are amazing for PC, but according to EA, a ton more bought BF3 via Origin.

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Not vgchartz's fault. Companies don't release digital sales figures unless it's good news.

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Those 500,000 sales of BF3 on PC only represent RETAIL sales. It doesn't count digital sales.

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LOL Preordering started in 2005? Are you serious?

Civ 2 was released in 1994 and was impossible to get without preordering.

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How old are you, GamersRulz? Preorders have been huge since 1995. Try finding a copy of Civ 2 if you didn't preorder.

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It's being lead developed on the PC. The reason there is a 360 version is that it's an easy DirectX port.

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I liked the BattleTech RTS, too.

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Sorry, it's Origin.

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Wanna read the PDF again? It says that if you have a beef with Sony, you can ONLY deal with them out of court if you agree to the Terms of Service.

"By accepting this Agreement, you agree to its terms and to abide by SNEA’sSNEI’s Sony Online
Services policies" and by that, you're sent to section 15 where it says that by agreeing to the TOS, you're bound to arbitration with Sony.

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"B) It's highly unlikely someone that is suing Sony actually believes their information is still secure."

They may think it's secure NOW, but want damages for their mistake. It happens all. the. time.

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Because you own a PS3 and want to play online, buy content, etc?

And if you believe Sony correctly fixed all of the security issues, why wouldn't you continue using PSN?

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For all of Sony's claims to being apologetic and claiming they were truly remorseful over letting all of their users personal info and in many cases credit and debit card info get stolen over a security system that they were told was vulnerable, telling PSN users that they can't sue them or else they're booted from PSN is... not exactly showing remorse.

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You'd be right, except you're wrong. This is not "old news from July". The press conference happened on September 3, 2011. Thanks for asking.

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