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I'm too busy right now with the R6: Siege beta.

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He's the son of the father of zombies, so zombies are his brothers!

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Well, this game seems to have anti-frustration features like safe zones, and PvP servers for the Rust crowd.

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It's in beta.

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When did The Witcher start on the PlayStation? Ever?

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Title is misleading. According to the article, it's TWITCH that's threatening to pull Twitch from Playroom, not Sony threatening to pull PS4 support from Twitch.

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The thing is, developers don't develop their games on the actual release consoles. They have dev kits.

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That's because SI didn't create a Xbox One tag. They were experimenting with PS4 by replacing Nintendo DS with it. Right now, all Xbox One games are under the tag Xbox 360 (see: Forza Motorsport 5, Dead Rising 3, etc).

That's because there will be a new site focusing on PS4 and Xbox One.

As for the PC version, it hasn't been OFFICIALLY announced, but it's a matter of time.

You'll notice the tags HERE are 360, One, PS3...

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So will I, but I'm not code hunting :p

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Well, the PC version isn't officially announced. It'll be PSN and/or XBL codes.

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I wasn't too annoyed by XP. I don't want kills to be XP, tho.

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As much as I want to beta Destiny, I don't have the time to try to hop on a posted code as it comes.

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How can this be a duplicate story if the Yahoo chat is still going on? (laugh)

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No, this is very personal. You're stopping me from doing my JOB.

These public relations people send me their press releases and video files to promote their product. They also supply YouTube links because it takes a while for videos to upload, process and show up on Strategy Informer.

They're counting on me to publicize the news on the site, and I don't want to explain that I can't fully do it because two posters are screaming and whining ab...

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Your arguments are baseless. For one, I received the news directly from Deep Silver.

For another, changing the video is a baseless argument. It reminds me of a child throwing a tantrum and saying, "You can't do that!"

Yes, I can. That's what the Edit button is for. It's what I'd originally intended to do.

You don't know what you're talking about. Seriously.

Your Reports are being submitted a...

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"When posting videos avoid linking directly to videos on YouTube or a similar service. You should only post videos if the content of the video is professionally made and of interest to the community."

Wish these idiots would read N4G guidelines.

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It's Ghost Recon meets The X-Files, basically.

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Again, EASE of internet access.

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Actually, he writes: "But what really made the difference was the ease of Internet Access. My 3G enabled smart phone has a hotspot feature, so I’m plugged in from the moment I hit the train station until I get to work and again until I get home."

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Should have embedded the trailer for the deal:


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