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You jumped embargo. Not cool. #1
1d 14h ago by JonahFalcon | View comment
Read a little more. It's pre-alpha, and the boiler plate is so that Microsoft won't sue. #5.1.2
Some people just want to play Halo on their PC. They can afford an XOne, but don't want one. #9.1
There's the Halo Online that's Russia only. #6.1.1
How are they not tired of waiting? 'Splain. #5.1
Read the article. They make sure they're covered by Fair Use.

And frankly, Microsoft is doing its PC gaming push with Gears of War: Ultimate PC and they really don't want to piss off the Halo community. #2.1
Damn you, DSO. Beat me by a few minutes. #1
Halo 5 - $400M in first week sales. #3
The original Game Tycoon iOS app was great. The PC version was... not so great. Hopefully they improved on it in the sequel. #1.1
Without going to the article, I'm sure Ivy is there.

Oh, and you misspelled it "boobs". It's "bewbs" now. :p #10
Well, the beginning of time being the first Dead or Alive game on Sega's console. :p #1.2
Hateoful Boyfriend started a really really bad precedent. #1
Anyone for a game of Pazzak? #1
Is the AI good on it? #1.1
None of those games have been released for PC with an AI opponent yet. #2.1
Holy cow. What a read. #1
You see plenty of throwback CRPGs. You just don't see RPGs that don't involve magic, elves and dwarves - just people. #1.2

"Xbox One table imports to Windows 10 aren’t available at launch. Zen Studios promises this will be corrected in the near future." #4
Windows 10 gaming. #8.1
Yep. Far Cry Primal. #30.1
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