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Doing what I can. Anyways, fixed the issue. #1.1.2
What about all of the XBLA exclusives that are new IPs? #2.2
I have finished the game I just did not finish the second play through. There is a difference. Would it really be too much to ask for my decisions from the first play through to be saved even though I started another? I am not really upset about it anyways. It just gives me an excuse to play the game again and catch up on all the DLC. #1.1
thanks for the read #5.1
Super Mario 3D land is not the same as Mario Galaxy. 3D land consists of short levels that can be completed in a matter of minutes, which works for a portable device. Collecting the stars in Mario Galaxy requires much more time.

I am aware that the Vita Uncharted is a new game, but it does not hold up to Uncharted 3. That was my point. It is an inferior game mimmicking its console bretherin that came out only a few months ago. Uncharted: Golden Abyss is not a system seller. #6.2
The PSP was a success in Japan and not so much in the states. I would argue that the psp was superior to all other handhelds at the time and it still did not sell well in North America.

The 3DS is selling because two Mario games came out during the holiday season. #7.1
I just wanted to point out that there is more to buying used games than the $5 mark down. I have listened to several podcasts from different gaming sites claiming they dont understand why anyone would pay $5 less to get a used game. #2
The article contains the tips and the video demonstrates the tips in action. #4
Did you read the article? Trolling? I cited two websites that backed what I had to say. #3
The only part of the game I think is an unfair challenge is the Tomb of the Giants. The rest of the game just takes patience. #3
that would be nice #1.1
it is also the lowest selling console coincidence? #14
If games are multi-platform then usually the pc version is a port from the consoles and in turn the game does not receive the same kind of love. Besides the majority of the gaming market buys console games, not pc. So for the most part console games are generally the better choice if it is multi-platform. It is true that BF will be better on the pc but COD wont. It all just depends on what the game is being developed for. #11
@Jobesy Dice has said that BF could not be an annual installment and it would require about a two year cycle. With that being said, EA will milk this cow as much as they can. MOH was not completely handled by Dice #6
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