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That was like reading a typical argument here on good ol' N4G.

A normal guy trying to reason with a dumbass and getting nowhere. #65
Oh yes, for sure.

One could argue false advertising. #13
RIP :( #10
Not gonna read through all the trolls comments, but I'm gonna assume there is a comment along the lines saying "Another MS recruit!!"

They'd say the same for the headline "Unknown window washer quits" #37
Oh please.

"but but but track record" didn't matter for Order 1886...You guys praised it to high heaven over a trailer and some screenshots.

Finally has some gameplay footage now...but still that was dumb as hell. #1.2.10
You guys are surprised by the a comment like this?

These idiots would say the the same thing for the headline "Janitor fired at Sony HQ!!!!"

lol #11.8

Fingers crossed for The Darkness 3. #11
Thank you for your cooperation. #7
Don't worry the magical 1080p/60fps rumor will emerge again in couple days lol #8
Finally some footage of gameplay! Looking good so far.

Now you guys can legit be excited instead of blindly hyping it up over a handful screenshots lol. #10
people are always gonna make mini games like this, they're called time wasters for like when you're waiting at the bus stop or something.

Very naive to think gaming will go this way because of a free game released on phones and tablets is popular.

What are you expecting? A massive epic RPG/shooter/etc...that takes hours to beat? People have consoles for that. #2.2
I hope this game does really well to justify all the hype its getting without any gameplay vids.

Years of watching people hype up games because of blind loyalty and then watch the game crash and burn in the end...just eats my soul :(

ex. Too Human, Haze, Knack, Ryse etc..

You guys set yourselves up everytime. I only thing I find amusing in the aftermath is when people go "We didn't hype that up!!" #30
I noticed this too.

I don't how many times I heard a fanboy say "60fps true 1080p" crap while putting down others...Guess its ok this time! /s #32

The game has my attention with the setting and stuff, but to hype it all to hell with one trailer and a handful screenshots?...Let's see more before claiming anything.

Sorta reminds me of the blind loyalty hype as we seen with past exclusives in both camps. #7.1
Lol...This thread is full of ignorance and blind loyalty.

Thanks for the laughs. #27
Bubbled you down....Like really? Grow up man.

Says "No offense" then says something offensive...Saying that doesn't cancel out anything. #1.1.8
Same here.

Like the game has my attention but being overly excited over it and calling it "highly anticipated" is a bit much.

A trailer and some screenshots...whoopdeedoo!! #10.3
This site really needs a bubble down system for ignorance, straight up lying, irrational fanboyism, no logic or zero common sense. #21
LOL they finally poke their heads out over a fan made video? #95
Don't bother..This kid is just spamming this everywhere. #3.1.1
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