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Also agreed...watching dummies hate on the game on a 7 second video is mind numbing. How about waiting out and seeing more before crying like a entitled little baby? #3.2
Wow...Bunch of ENTITLED babies

Grow up #15 out though, I got reported for using the word "retarded" :s #52.1
I guess survival horror should die permanently according to the disagrees...Let's go on to the action shooters parading as survival horrors we all been set on...Good to go. #13.1
You people are still added nothing and instead enforced the notion of your ridiculous cry "I am a entitled little kid wahhhhh"...move on #34.1.1
Something wrong sprinting and looking down sights? How the hell did those two things turn into hated things when a past Halo did the same thing with no outrage?

You people are ridiculous. #34
Who cares what console did better...

The game is awesome and the return of survival horror is back to the massives and casuals and is totally on its way back to life.

I think that is what we should focus on. #13
Rockstar offered more optional ways to experience a game?!?!

Heaven forbid!! Blasphemy!! /s

Seriously, what's wrong with you people?

Edit: I missed the part where Rockstar forced you to play in first person. #13
The one game I regret not playing last gen. Another chance is is here...awesome. #7
In tens of thousands of theaters worldwide? #17.1
If you guys actually think they are only gonna focus on games then you are dead wrong.

There is already a few small movies done and are in development using the tech in THIS stage...Imagine TEN years from now?? Theaters, home theaters, games, apps, simulators for training, etc...Thinking that VR tech is only staying at this stage of advancement and never progressing from here is stupid and short-sighted.

This tech is not that old. #15

It would be like trying to explain Science to a religious nut...It always leads back to "No" and refusing to listen. It's a pointless exercise and a waste of energy. #11.1.4
Nice trolling.

A well deserved 2 bubbles. #4.6
What? I disagree...

He won a bunch awards and was nominated for his work in Planet of the Apes, King Kong and LOTR etc... Not to mention his work in HS and Enslaved.

Giving him only credit for Gollum is wrong. #6.1.1
Total shame the mobile versions didn't get the Enemy Within expansion :(

I'd gladly shell out some cash for that. #3.1

Andy Serkis is a awesome motion capture actor. I can't think of anyone better to represent motion capture. #6
Easily one of best games I played recently.

Grab it now people...good times. #4
I know right?! haha

The first bunch of people in here (actaully make that every article pretty much) right away are hating trolling immediately. Morons say to me "no ones is hating on Destiny blah blah paranoia"....please smh

The fact of the matter is the game sold very well and a sequel is pretty much guaranteed. #6.1
Seinfeld reference flew over a couple heads. #3.2
Nice launcher :)

Well time for the old "wah! everyone is gonna be running around with these items!!!" #4
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