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Absolutely I couldn't have said it better myself "wait the till the game is finished and reviewed before making judgements"

I think the fanboys that have the agenda to hype the game due to exclusive status should get the same treatment as the haters that hate it due to the same reasons, especially if its based off a simple 10 minute video.

To say otherwise is simply straight up bias. #22.1.3
Noticed you're not saying the opposite to the guys praising it. If the fanboys can praise it off a 10 minute video, why can't the critics criticize it? #22.1.1
I'll gladly buy it as long as it doesn't have that email, and sign up to their website crap that messed up ff7 and ff8 steam releases. Those bozos never responded to my confirmation emails, I even went as far to make new emails just to play. Only for them not to respond at all once again...waste of cash. #22
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Just read some of it....11 hours a day is just pushing it. #36.1
I really enjoy Lets Plays but only if the person/s is entertaining and not an absolute numpty with garbage for a personality.

I compare LP's to Mystery Science 3000 but for games. I watched that show all the time, guess that somehow means "I had no life" /s

Dunno where the hate comes from tbh. People have all kinds of reason to watch LP's...Walkthroughs, relive old games you can't find anymore, entertainment etc... #36
The title of the article is just asking for fanboys to say the typical...

"Spend thousands every month!" "You're hunched over a small screen while I lie back on my couch" "PC has no games!" "consoles are way more powerful cus of optimization"

Gotta love how the first couple guys assume its a pc master race article right away.

The article is about 4K tvs. #18
I never said anything bad about the article or stated that its a hate article.

Since I "cant stand it" I guess I should stop going into positive Destiny articles too since there is mindless hate there also /s #10.1.1
All aboard the bandwagon. "HATE HATE HATE!!"


Edit: seriously guys, move on. No one cares that you hate it and your sad little hate post is not gonna change the minds of people that do like it. #10
I 100% percent agree with your post. I was one the guys calling bullshit on those fake supporters.

Just like I called out the Ryse supporters ... People hated and still hate crytek....but somehow people "couldn't wait!" for Ryse after years and years of hate. #62.1.1
Then you're a absolute blind fool.

See all sides of the argument before judgement. #68.1
You chose to click on the article and commented......pushed.......ok .

Smh #4.3
I really hope wayyyyy more devs support it. I experienced the dev kit and it is awesome. #4
I agree with most on the list.

A more recent game I'd add to the list is....Five Nights at Freddy's

Soooo psychologically screwy :s

Watch out for the fox!!! #5
Honestly IMO, linear games with a good storyline are much better than a sandbox game with zero storyline. #12
Gotta love this hypocritical garbage going on here.

"He hasn't played the final product he has no clue!!"...hmmm...from past articles...."it's amazing!!"...GOTY!"- fanboys

All I seen for the past months was praise from fanboys who only seen it in YouTube videos...yet somehow his opinion is invalid....why?..."He hasn't got the full product!!" damn idiots haven't played it.

Honestly I ho... #62
Yet Sony fanboys are quick to praise the game to the high heavens despite never playing it themselves.... #59.1
Really? Going through the comments off this tread and past articles...the game is "amazing" even though Sony fanboys haven't played the ACTUAL game....and it's so amazing...door swings both ways. #26.1
I'll give them the benefit of the doubt...unlike the bandwagon Crytek auto haters on this site. #9

I call bullshit.

I don't how many times I read posts where people wrote "the tomb raider franchise is a playstation started brand!!...They betrayed fans!!!....boycott!"

Don't be that guy...."bu bu but no one said that!"

Edit: I have a X1 but I was planning to play it on PC, just like the first one. But I'm not blinded by the hatred from the backlash of the first days of the "annou... #6.3.3
Honestly after just beating the first one and Riptide they act just the same...Unless you're expecting all of them to be infected zombies (dawn of the dead running style zombies) then you're gonna be disappointed.

The prior games had different types of zombies and I'm pretty sure this one will too. #1.2
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