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Seeing as I have backward compatibility, 4 usb slots, and the front opens up to reveal SD card and all the other great stuff. I'd say it was worth it.

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Wait so this is only a patch? As in I have to find the game somehow on my own, than apply a patch?

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In all seriousness you must be clean out of ideas if this is what you're gonna waste your time to write about. She probably doesn't play video games and if she does, it's probably Guitar Hero and Wii which are "socially" cool to do and some of the more casual things in the video game world today. She's nice for G4 and brings attention to the network but don't make a dumb article assuming she is actually a gamer.

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Actually PES plays more like real soccer. It always lacks in graphics and amount of clubs and players but when it comes down to basics, its PES. Fifa 09 is great though and I bought it, but when you can take C. Ronaldo and run down the side and use tricks to get past the team to score, or use the lobbed through pass, and get the ball to your player hit the right stick forward and be on an open break. The one I think is really good are the tricks(although unrealistic and unnecessary and the sh...

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Yeah it is really easy. I feel like I'm playing Fight Night when I use to use Mayweather and just jab the guy constantly to wear him down while playing defense and backing up when necessary. The ground game is alright but seems to keen to button mashing.

Hopefully when the full game comes out the harder difficulties will be good enough to have a "chess like" atmosphere. In Fight night and even Tekken, once you and your opponent get good enough and learn defense but le...

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Too bad I already own it. If they added new character and HD Remix of the game and if its the Dreamcast arcade perfect version as I have the PS2 one now. Nice to see online and everything and I'm surprised copyright issues were bypassed to help make this game.

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to those saying they've never seen one of his predictions going through. He was right about Home and that you will begin to receive rewards for trophies achieved, and this was before the Home beta came out. Ended up happening. Around that time (between Nov. & Dec.) he did have a few good predictions.

Good job HHG, good show. His show works for people who are busy and can't constantly check up on gaming news, so you get a weekly overview on a Sunday. And he has gotten to GDC...

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Thank God Newegg is located right near me so UPS doesn't get a lot of time to even recklessly damage my stuff.

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Patcher said this so take this with a grain of salt.

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He kind of brought up decent points like the PS3 controller; which has been prov-en because of less lag with the analog sticks compared to the 360 controller, but then said something stupid about the PC controls which is hands down the best for FPS.

It is a better game but it's a different era. This era has seen COD4 which is a more realistic approach to the FPS genre in some aspects and this game does use some of those features such as health. Halo although not the best, is a...

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I honestly think it takes a high level of ignorance to pay to play online when online play that started on the PC was free from the BEGINNING. It's not like MS created Online play even on consoles, since Sega had it somewhat in the Dreamcast. The features added are really nice and some Sony should definitely add to PSN but to pay for something that was free and not even comparable to some of the great things we've seen on the PC and are seeing with numbers and ability of mods on the PS3. <...

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Sadly this same situation just happened to me. I have the 60GB version and I'm wondering if I send it in will I receive the same one I sent them which is probably unlikely since it's more convenient for them to send a refurbished system. And if they do send a refurbished system, are they giving back out 60GB or one of the newer models without the EE Chip because I'm getting extremely mad at the fact that they could take away something from me that I paid for and got when the system first came...

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Wow none of you have heard of people using the Sixaxis before. I guess it's a big deal if they get rumble to work but otherwise my controller works on the PC perfectly. No lag no nothing. Every single button mapped to work.

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Only difference I see is that the 360 TV or possibly game seems to be a little too bright. I like how it was on the PS3 as bright and RE5 don't work out.

But honestly how nice is this game gonna be!?! I like the partner not being an idiot and at least attempting to fight, and the graphics are crazy on both. Only thing we will need to work about is framerate, DLC, and if the 360 might have an extra disc as I'm pretty sure RE Remake on GC did so it wouldn't surprise me if Capcom di...

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It's funny how price is still hurting the PS3. Everyone I talk to who knows I have a PS3 ask me how much it is and when I tell them the cheapest price is $400, all they say is damn. And mention how they'd love to have one, but the price is too much. It's a shame how MS is barely surviving their lead because Sony usually allows them to stay alive. RROD, lack of games compared to Sony this year, a previous failure in a system, horrible D-pad, paid online compared to free. The only advantage I s...

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thank you God

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But the thing is with Ubuntu is it will tell you if the file you are importing has a virus or something malicious on there. So in all reality you'd have to want to purposely put the virus onto your computer for it to affect you. Obviously it could be hacked but there so many things about Mac and Linux that makes it a lot better than any MS operating system.

Vista still has it where a virus will attack one file and spread to another file until it reaches your Win32 files and you'...

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You do realize L4D is on the PC and better on the PC. Too Human was ok. NG2 was garbage. Honestly..... And Fable 2 is alright. Neither NG2 or Fable 2 lived up to what they were suppose to be. Compared to MGS4, LBP, Resistance 2. That is a better list. I liked how you would be an idiot and name a multiplatform game as a 360 game.

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You know whats funny I was talking with one of my friends and he said I'm getting a 360. I was like get a PS3, better package for what you pay. He said he would except for the "price". It's crazy how true that statement is. It's nothing else as Sony has put out a great console with better games this year than the 360. The Wii has been selling like Hotcakes with only one legit title in SSBB. 360 has Gears. Nothing else. This should be blamed on marketing and price. And last I checked...

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Whats the games actually sales numbers. And the games people are calling flops aside from Motorstorm which I was never into, are great games. Chrono Trigger didn't sell well which is why there were so few copies making the SNES cartridge rare, but it's arguably the best RPG of all time. Okami, Shadow of Colossus, and many other games never sell extremely well yet are great games.

Aside from that I don't know the sales numbers but I doubt these games are actually selling that bad...

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