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@ BattleAxe

Knock the bullshit off mate... when it comes to hypocrites the PS3 fan base is swarming with them.

When have you, as a PS3 fanboy ever complimented a 360 exclusive?... or PC exclusive?

I'll come straight out and say I only own a 360, but i know when a game deserves a clap for its visual display show... and KZ3 UC2 get a applause from me for dropping eye candy... But lets face it... developers deliberately put more effort into... #1.1.18
BFBC2 i have to snipe... for it seems as if im the only 1. and everyone else is Engineer and Assault... even Medics seen to be fucken limited.

You can never find a Medic when ya need 1...

And i dont see the problem with a team of snipers... snipers tend to look for other snipers before resorting to infantry... well i do anyway #1.1.15
As long as the gameplay remains Battlefield classic style... the game cant go wrong...

What makes Battlefield is the fact it isnt CoD #1
It could be announced this year yes... but that doesnt mean your gunna see it in action or be able to purchase it within the next 2 years.

I pretty confident there wont be a new console for atleast another 3 years.

Yes the PC graphics are better than console, but they arent that good that the PS3 and 360 need a complete remodel their hardware. If anything the PS3 and 360 make DX11 and all the other unnecessary hardware seem...well unnecessary.

and he failed to plug the AV cable into the back of the xbox thus resulting in red ring... i can make my 360 red ring on demand by pulling out the plug.

How is it funny though? if anything it shows how well made and how structurally sound the console is... so for those reasons i like.

Doubt it is his 5 xbox... seriously after 2 i think its a sign to give up gaming and focus on your career #1.2
The cinematic screen grabs look much better on the PS3, but the in-game screen grabs seem to look better on 360...

but either way all you gotta do is tweak the brightness and contrast in the options... other than that the most equal comparison i have seen...kudos to Crytek.

I swear if 1 of you morons come out and say 1 is better than the other, i will destroy a box of puppys in your name #1.1.11
Funny you make that point... because i think its quite obvious that the PS3 community spend more time talking about the 360 than 360 gamers.

Sure you aint saying anything good about it, but thats beside the point.

Reach by the way was an abomination to the Halo canon. I hated the game and havent touched it since Assassins Creed Brotherhood came out last year.

The reason i havent jumped ship to the PS3 is purely because they re... #1.1.11
Fuck that its all been down hill since Fable 2. Should have just ended it after the first.

I dont think he understands that mojority of people dont give a fuck about a virtual marriage virtual love and virtual children...

I dont wanna hold hands and make people laugh... i want a story that 1. Interesting, and 2. Doesnt fuck me about with bullshit emotion related choices.

Actually fuck it altogether... fable 4 is dead to me #1.1.6
better not be #4.1
Australia wins simply because it is geologically stable... apart from the droughts... the floods...bush fires... cyclones... and the blistering hot 45 degree Celsius summers (which i fucken love)... its 10x more stable then NZ

Plus we can pronunciate the English language properly #2.1.3
We got a Female Bogan Ranga for Prime Minister, need i say more. Who just recently licked every Americans arsehole and actually asked for more.

Its actually Illegal here to NOT vote when an election is being held... you must vote, thats how fucked we are.

Love my country love its culture love its people... but the hate i harbour towards my country's leaders is bordering the lines of hell and all its fury. #9.1
Are you suggesting i set fire to a kindergarden? I'm pretty sure that would get world wide attention...

Or i could start a hate campaign towards politicians and declare every Tuesday a politician skull crushing day... but something tells me that may just catch on #7.2
keep that shit outta my country... for once i agree with the government.

Fighting games suck arse, its just a little known fact.

And while they are at it ban that fucken sponge bob cunt. #6
I've seen the F22 Raptor up close just last week at the Avalon International Air Show in Australia.

Most awesome show on Earth may i add. And now BF3 is gunna give me a chance to jump in the cockpit? F*** YEAH!

Let me now if you want a couple more pics of the show... #1.1.6
Impossible. no such thing as 32/5/2011. thats either the 31/5/2011 or 01/06/2011.

i even rearranged the dates, so now it makes sense to anyone who speaks proper English... Americans dont speak English #7.2
Right now Dice are being very cocky. and it could land them in trouble.

Its like walking through a kidergarden with your cock hanging out of your pants, while telling every kid how awesome you are.
It may very well be true... but in the end you will be defending yourself in front of a judge.

If anything they should just tell us too "sit back, kick your feet up, and watch this"

That will be the moment i pop a boner and jiz al... #1.1.12
the worst thing you can give someone in this world is pitty... so for this reason im not gunna give out false hopes to anyone affected by the mother natures latest out bursts.

No matter how good your detection and warning systems are it aint gunna save everyone. And its no good for people stuck in traffic or walking in the streets.

Expect the death toll to be in the 10s of thousands. #1.1.13
The word 'Lead' doesnt mean 'Better'.

I think everyone has completely misread the statement, and are using it in the wrong context.

I'm pretty sure whats ment by the statement is the PS3 is being worked on before the 360. Since porting from PC to PS3 is apprently difficult, i'd be working on the PS3 first aswell.

In the end verdict i bet my life on the 360 being the better of the console versions. But we are only talki... #1.1.11
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Being exclusive doesnt make a game better... if anything the game suffers being exclusive to 1 system.

The reason CoD is so sucess isnt because people are mindless FPS drones but because the game is a Multiplat... and for every person that hates it 10 people like it.

As far as successful exclusives go, you can go past Halo for being the number 1.

Just so the rest of the world is clear, in Australia the PS3 at its most basic package is $499AUD... #1.1.4
i didnt know the game existed until i had seen the trailer... and it did exactly what the developers set out to do... get our attention. And it worked, 1 of the best game trailers of all time.

Not deceptive in the slightest, but huge leap in game marketing and advertising #1
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