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No it wl definitely be better. He has fucked it up far to many times. Emotions in a game? Dating? Petting a dog? WHAT THE FUCK! That's sound like Internet dating to me!

Should have stuck with a story more like the first fable. Jack of blades was the best villain, and a proper one at that. Not this evil black shadow fog crap... I mean seriously. Fable 3 made 2 looking fantastic and 1 legendary

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No bloody Idea what you just wrote then...

Assuming English is your second language. So I can tollerate that. Pretty sure you don't have a friend who works at Microsoft. All the employees would be forced to sign a nondisclosure agreement before they are hired. If he voided that, and Microsoft found out he will be flogged harder than a teenage boys man bits.

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Well considering it happened here in Australia. He will get a smack on the wrist maybe a damages fine... and probably a job out of it. He wont get jail time and wont be extradited to America... our government wont allow it and he will be defended ferociously by them. And because these crimes all happened on Aussie shores Microsoft America cant do shit... other than sue... but thats where Microsofts Australian division will take over.

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Not sure if you caught hold of his sarcasm or not...

Who seriously has the time to search the web for new domains being registered.

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Chinese isnt a race either... its also a nationality.

And you people dont understand the difference between stereotypes and racism, but keep going. its cute.

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Ahhh bull****! all your thinking is "am I going in the right direction?"

Sorry but I don't know of anyone who sits at their console with a box a tissues crying about how much fictional pain the character is in. There are heaps of good stories in and across all franchises but none of them are in a emotional league.

Now the movie red dog.... That movie almost got to me. But saving private Ryan and for some reason Gladiator always make me weep... D...

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base rape is a legit tactic... and is something the actual military do. Sure its annoying but here, drink this nice tall glass of concrete and harden the fuck up!

Don't you girls ever get tired of whinging all the time, be smart... if you know there is a sniper spawn camping lure him out! even if it means sacrificing yourself twice to get that c***. I have never played a game where i haven't been able to sniff out the base camping sniper.

oh and yes! ...

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Its man talk.. you aint meant to understand and you are ment to be disgusted by it... Its a called bro talk and ALL guys do it! dont think for a minute your boyfriend or husband doesnt because us guys know the truth.

Earbus.... fucking hilarious, best laugh i have gotten all day!

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its concept art look at the larger image

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1.15pm 21/5/2011 Still alive here in Melbourne Australia. And in NewZealand it is 4.15pm but we lost contact with them about 45mins ago....

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just like i cant get the idea of Nathan Drake being Lara Croft minus the boobs

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Raptor hands down... saw it at the Australian Avalon International Airshow a couple of months ago. It truely is a beautiful machine.

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well said raven.

Its the haters who buy the game,who make it so popular.

@Drazz, let me guess Killzone is the best, because the minority of the PS3 fanbase said so?

Sorry due to numbers, sales, and player count CoD is the Juggernaut King of FPS... fact and undisputed.

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America is not a race... saying 1 country is better than another is not racist.

There is also a huge line between truth and racism...How many true racists do you know? i'm guessing none... most people including myself do it as of a way letting off steam, and use it more of a way of directing anger not hate towards someone of a particular background.

I dont have a problem with any skin toned individual... i judge them by their character an...

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Nothing is scary when you've seen old people nude...

NEVER EVER will i walk into a public swimming pool change rooms again!

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My gf just walked in on me after i yelled "fuck yeah!", and asked hwat i was looking at... i couldnt lie, so i said "boobies..."

I get away with cause i'm adorable

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XBlive is kinda saved due to the fact of its Pre-paid option in the form of MS points and Subscriptions.

But yes the xblive is just as vulnerable as PSN.
No matter what they do to prevent it, there will always be 1 cunt who wants to fuck it up.

In a way you gotta admire a hackers determination, and intelligence... if only they could apply such talent to something useful...

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I dunno what people are talking about with 360 RROD. I still got my launch pro 20gb 360... its loud proud and gets atleast 4hrs a week.

And you cant compare a hardware failure with a security failure which probably has nothing to do with the PS3 console it self. The PS3s security wasnt hacked, the PSN network was.... completely different

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what is it with asians and boss fights?

Boss fights don't make sense, and ruin the flow of the game and story.

I didnt mind the reaper at the end of ME2 or Saren at the end of ME1 but they were pretty stupid. If the Reapers are so strong why can they be killed by a handful of shots to the eye?

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Fuck that... There are only 3 games people should be looking forward to... Mass Effect3 Battlefield3 and Elder Scrolls Skyrim

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