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I'm getting the Xbox one. Was sitting on the fence for a while and still kind of are but with all the great looking games I can't say no. DRM doesn't bother me nor does a creepy cam or a 24check in. If the NSA wanna watch some Aussie bloke play Xbox in his undies on a hot summers day with his son throwing biscuits at him. They can watch all they want. Lol they'd be the victims.

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I haven't actually looked at any if the e3 footage or seen or read about the ps4 xb1 conferences cause of my 5 month out son and work but can someone link me a article where it says PS+ is now a charged service... Find it to be a humourous slap the ps fanboys

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Never owned a playstation before went from Nintendo to Xbox. Really really leaning towards the ps4 now... And will wait a few years for the Xbox one to sort it's shit out. The Australian prices are bullshit... Ps4 is going for $549 and the xboxone is going for $599. So it's still a hard choice but not thinking about preordering until late October.

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See right there what you say is stupid. Makes no sense. The problem Microsoft have made has nothing to do with always on. It's the fact you virtually cannot physically own any of it.

I ain't jumping on the ps4 wagon yet... Too many unknowns but thus far the Xbox one is blacklisted.

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Lets be honest... No matter how good a show ms have. There is a certain group on here who will never be satisfied. And will talk it down and talk up there console.

Either way, n4g will be as bitchy after as it was before E3. This site and its bias fanboys will not change after E3.

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PSfanboys do realise that GDDR5 is only available in 512mb right? And the system has 8gb... That means they'll need 16 of them. The reason Sony didn't reveal the console was because they didn't want anyone to think their new console was a fridge! Lol

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Ha! You idiot... Logic has never existed on this site... Especially between the playstation and Xbox crowd.

And fallout would never be exclusive to either console... Stupid if it ever did. And who honestly cares about timed dlc?

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Well said misterphenix.

Every f***ing gaming site is riding the Xbox is doomed wave because its what the Sony crowd are screaming for. So far as it stands the ps4s only thing to brag about over the Xbox one is the fact it's still free to play, doesn't play tv, or require a camera to work. That's it!

Shares all the other negatives the Xbox one has. Do stop the bragging both consoles suck! It's just ps4 is the least suckiest

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What is privacy? Pretty sure privacy disappeared during the Cold War era. I'm sure all data on console even ps3 ad xb360 is stored in done companies servers somewhere and people are stupid to think the ps4 won't do something while not as strict but will be similar. You just won't hear about it because you don't know about it.

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The only way they can fix this issue is by making it optional. You should be able to dictate which features of a console you use. Not forced.

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Must suck being a play station owner. Because apparently according to you guys, you all live in rural areas with Internet powered by potatoes...

The consoles are identicle!. All that extra paper power the ps3 means nothing if I can't be optimised and I bet you my wallet it will duck down more electricity.

I live in Melbourne Australia. And my Internet has never failed is 100mbps (which does nothing for latency by the way) and the Xbox one will be my choic...

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I thought the conference was good.
- showed the console
- talked new features (though all of them pointless)
- talked specs
-talked games
- talked XbLive
- showed new IP

Pretty much everything you Sony fans wanted them to show. And yet you find away to spin it and turn it negative.

I've said it before and will say it again. There will be graphical difference in the games. It's only features and pointle...

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Hold on to your potatoes.... Even states in this article he has only heard rumours.

Lol can't wait for Sony to fuck up again (and you know they will). Just to shut up all you Sony extremists. F***** get over yourselves.

So far MS have done nothing wrong and itS the perfect console.... Because it hasn't been announced yet. So tell what they have OFFICIALLY done wrong?

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What do you mean increase the budget?
The ps4 and next Xbox will be near identical, a simple port is all that is needed.

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Bullshit! What is with the PS community? How fucking dare any of you try and dictate which console anyone buys. I'm buying the next Xbox now solely out of spite of ps fanboys.

And as far as I'm concerned the next Xbox is still a good year and a half away. But I bet you there will be multiple levels to the Xbox live service. Gaming will most likely be the lowest level but will still be pay to play. I have never used my 360 for anything else other than games and watchin...

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Haha that piece of "evidence" is from a forum that some idiot doodled up on Excel...

The fact is, this current gen Xbox managed to steal half of the playstation fanbase, and or recruited more gamers into the world with the xbox360.
How can you not see that as a success?

The PS4 may very well regain some of its lost followers. But what ever xbox decide to do you can pretty sure say its a say bet they will keep their current...

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Specs haven't been announced yet... How can anyone be mad about anything.

I'll call it right now. There will be no graphical difference between the xbxo3 and ps4.
Like this gen it will be slight differences in the default brightness and contrast.

And don't say exclusives will look better on this console or that console because exclusives have no comparison. Which is why they are exclusive! Not just too console but art style and gameplay.

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Of course you ps fans are gunna say PS4 is better when your clearly wrong. Get over your non existent PS4. In the tech demo the nVidia kills it. At least they captured skin colour correctly. Neither look realistic but the old bloke looks like an animated character from a Disney film.

Funny how because one render doesn't have hair it's makes it incomparable. That's just another fanboy scapegoat rather than admitting the truth. Which we see far to much of on n4g.

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Point it at a photo... Or draw a nice smiley face, like this :)

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Snookei is right. Whether PS Fans want to admit it or not. The Xbox has made a place for itself in the industry and they took a seat right up the front next to Nintendo and Sony and said "What up fuckers!" And just like that the new kid was hated for its arrogant confidence and its plain aggressiveness by PS fanboys.

Face it. As much as you want the Xbox to fail. Part of you admires it for making its rise during the play station era and coming out a winner. I don&#...

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