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Hahahahahaha! Lolol your precious ps4 and 7gb dedicated RAM is gone!!!
Lololol sorry but its too much for one person to bare.
Did you idiots really think they would fit all the non related gaming features plus DVR in 1gb of RAM!?

It ain't a rumour it's a reality. You guys said it yourselves "the ps4 can only do everything the xboxone does and better" that right there means more ram!


Im telling you ...

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That's no way to sum up your beloved PS4...

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That's a croc of shit and you know it. If you have been on any torrent site you'll know you can get every PC XB360 PS3 title ever made. Bluray did nothing to stop piracy.

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I remember going back about 3 years seeing some of your comments that were obviously pro Sony anti MS and now your the peace keeper... Well you try to keep peace at least.

Ill admit I'm a Xbox only gamer or as some here on n4g suggest a non hardcore gamer purely because I like them only own the one console but difference is I choose the Xbox and they choose playstation but because they choose the playstation they think it's the only console, or the bes...

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That's the most accurate portrait of the scenario that occurred.
Bubbles for you.

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Please bring back Captain Scott Mitchell!
Didn't find out what happened to him after that whole emp thing... I think it was a emp. Anyway the helicopter coming into land is the last thing you see while screen fades to credits

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Fucken hell they love treating us like babies in this country. These old decrepit fools need to leave politics... Actually there should be an age cap on politics, the over 40s should be put out to pasture

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Great... Now their will be apps dedicated to baking and knitting...
God damn it MS!
I really want the Xbox one but your making it so hard for me to make the leap!
Sony haven't tempted me enough to jump ship but I swear your making me walk the plank....

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Lol haha wow guys settle down. I forgot I was on N4G... The site where not a single joke can be had against Sony and the only ones that are welcome are "wiiU wiiU wiiU ambulance" jokes and "spy box" jokes...

Grooming is the best way to describe what Sony are doing. I'm in no hurry to get either consoles from ms or sony. Both consoles and fanboys are too busy insulting each other, to support either is wrong.

@ the real Peter Moore

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You seem fine bending over for the Japanese to insert whatever they want into your arse. And who knows what they'll stick up there! Sure you can find some pretty interesting vids on the dark side of the interwebs.

Mate, Sony are gunna fuck the shit out of all their customers the difference is they they have you convinced its candy and have now baited you into their van... I mean mobile candy factory.
Sonys kind heartedness is something called gro...

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It's obviously a trolling petition. I lold at the "major nelson impersonator"

And if you actually go to the petition everyone signing it are saying they are doing it to help the ps4. Though it being a non official petition set to 500 signatures its obviously fake started for gaming sites to make hits. Probably that trustful unbiased real gamers site or whatever they call them selves.

Woo PS4!!! Is the best!

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Just because you don't agree with my opinion doesn't make it wrong. Your opinion that I'm wrong is wrong. Should change your name to Polyhasntquitegotgraspoftheeng lishlanguagesix... But that's just my bad opinion :)

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Well then Xbox will be the prominent console choice yet again.

OFF TOPIC- @ gaelic laoch
Fosters isn't what we drink its what we export to foreigners. Basically put our finest sheeps piss into a bottle and told the rest of the world it's what all Aussies drink. And Rugby is only religious followed by 2 states here, the rest is AFL. But I'll finish that vegemite sanga if don't want the rest of it ;)

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The fact that both company's used "dev kits" at E3 is my proof

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Im buying the Xbox one because you keep telling everyone not too. You sound like a Jehovah's Witness trying to force your beliefs on to everyone. You know what everyone does when they come knocking? They shut their doors in their faces. Don't give a fuck how much better my life would be with a playstation in it, its your belief, your preference.

While I ain't jumping to the next gen come October or November I will wait till January or even march before I buy into...

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Mate tell me about it!
I know this site is a cluster fuck but fucken hell this shit is getting old! Yes I am a Xbox 360 owner and huge fan of the games and services of Xbox. Does that mean I'm buying a Xbox One.... No it will depend on a number of things.
1# being mates, I ain't gunna buy a console none of my mates have. I play with only people I know personally.
2# how many people jump to the next generation straight away. Would be shit otherwise. Who wants t...

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Shut up!
Really!?.... Your disappointed by headset that may or may not be in the bundle?
Mate it's quite clear you never had any intention to buy the console anyway so just keep your mouth shut!
God you sound petty!

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Yeah I had been wondering where it was on the market place cause I had seen people on my friends list playing the game only to find out they have UK accounts...

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Don't send me links to American stores when they are pointless to me. Ultimately yes importing would save me money as the Aussie dollar has gone to shit again. However Sony has never been supportive of the Aussie market hence my choice in Microsoft. Sony seem to make up for their losses by flogging the extra cost onto the Aussies and new zealanders .

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Waiting for whichever console has a bundle with bf4.
All other games can fuck off. Hopefully Xbox one but that being said if ps4 come out with a bf4 bundle ill buy that console.

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