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Maybe you should wet it down a little then...? #2.2.2
My original Xbox 360 from launch sounds like my neighbours are mowing their lawn... but behind my tv. It's impossible to watch a movie without having headphones on because the noise is ridiculous! #1.6
but the PS4 wont be turned on... unless...
@ insomnium
Speaking of ignore lists... I welcome you to mine.
Why are you Sony fans attacking this so hard? Your apparent ps4 sales are supposedly out of stick in every region according to you guys. Do you really think that they can manage a global release? Hell fucking no!
Some countries will probably get a 6 month delay or more.

That's just logic... Something you sony fanboys claim to have but don't in reality #1.1.17
But what about my headset? If i leave that plugged into my controller what reassurance do i have to know it isn't listening to my every word??

That's a obvious joke guys. Like most people I couldn't give a flying fuck whether or not some NSA fuckwit was watching or listening to me. But still I couldn't understand why a console accessory was a "always connect" feature... It's just as easy to crack it out and plug it in when its actually need... Pl... #1.1.47
No Shepard no Mass Effect. Enough said. Like taking Mario out of mario #1.3
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Is there a wired controller available? I prefer wired controllers they are a lot less hassle then rechargeable bullshit. And more reliable the thumb sticks die long before the wire starts faulting #1.1.19
Yeah us Aussies get hit hard but the new zealanders get hit even harder than we do. Alot of that is also our fault.... Sorry kiwis #1.1.1
I just go down to jbhifi or order online at jbhifi postage is only $1.00 and they ship all stock from their warehouse in chadstone in Melbourne about 20 mins from my place so I normally get my order within 48hours of purchase. And for all electronic goods in Australia jbhifi seem to be the cheapest #9.1
Always been this way. Every time a new console comes out new game release jump back up too $120 which is equal to around $105 USD and about £70.
There is only a $50 difference between the 2 new consoles. I can't bring myself to preorder either console simply cause neither company is really willing to make a compromise for us Aussies. I mean we are losing to the poms in the ashes, must they really milk out wallets aswell.

And not to mention the cost of living... #7.1
Bitby... All those features you listed are done on the Xbox one... Except for

six axis, which is unnecessary with the X1 because kinect can sense any body movement which is basically the same as motion control.

Remote playing granted the Xbox doesn't have any hand held gaming devices. Which I personally believe that hand helds are for children.

Touch pad, once again kinect can do anything a touch pad can do. However a touch pad would be... #1.8.3
The Xbox one does have a direct input for a wired headset... By the looks of things it's a mini USB input not an auxiliary jack. It's located in the same spot as the 360 controller #1.2.3
Hahahahahaha! Lolol your precious ps4 and 7gb dedicated RAM is gone!!!
Lololol sorry but its too much for one person to bare.
Did you idiots really think they would fit all the non related gaming features plus DVR in 1gb of RAM!?

It ain't a rumour it's a reality. You guys said it yourselves "the ps4 can only do everything the xboxone does and better" that right there means more ram!


Im telling you... #1.1.38
That's no way to sum up your beloved PS4... #13.1
That's a croc of shit and you know it. If you have been on any torrent site you'll know you can get every PC XB360 PS3 title ever made. Bluray did nothing to stop piracy. #1.1.10
I remember going back about 3 years seeing some of your comments that were obviously pro Sony anti MS and now your the peace keeper... Well you try to keep peace at least.

Ill admit I'm a Xbox only gamer or as some here on n4g suggest a non hardcore gamer purely because I like them only own the one console but difference is I choose the Xbox and they choose playstation but because they choose the playstation they think it's the only console, or the bes... #1.2.5
That's the most accurate portrait of the scenario that occurred.
Bubbles for you. #6.1
Please bring back Captain Scott Mitchell!
Didn't find out what happened to him after that whole emp thing... I think it was a emp. Anyway the helicopter coming into land is the last thing you see while screen fades to credits #2
Fucken hell they love treating us like babies in this country. These old decrepit fools need to leave politics... Actually there should be an age cap on politics, the over 40s should be put out to pasture #1
Great... Now their will be apps dedicated to baking and knitting...
God damn it MS!
I really want the Xbox one but your making it so hard for me to make the leap!
Sony haven't tempted me enough to jump ship but I swear your making me walk the plank.... #1.1.3
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