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You misunderstand me... I'm pro Xbox, just can't see myself to preorder it or the ps4. Just you have one article saying its 2:1 ratio in ps4 favour one day and 24hrs later they are equal?
The preorder numbers are all obviously bogus numbers and statistics journos are pulling off N4G and using the agree and disagree buttons as their polls

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Now they're on par in terms of pre-orders?

Well that escalated quickly...

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The reason doesn't matter to me the point was they did it. That's why when I think Playstation I think JRPGS. I have haunting memories of staying nights at my mates place in primary school while being forced to watch him play final fantasy and other JRPGS for hours on end! That's why I went from n64 to Xbox then xbox360. I'd never played a video game until I was 11.

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Well no shit CBOAT! This guy really knows his stuff!

Clap clap! /s

Still I'm sitting on the fence with this gen my preference is Xbox. And It will most likely stay that way but the ps4 does for some reason seam appealing for the first time ever. I guess it's because so far they haven't flooded the console with JRPGS.... I hate JRPGS!!!

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I still play on a launch X360 and that thing sounds like a monster from the bottom of the ocean!
Even with headphones it's still loud enough to clearly hear while in a hectic game of BF3

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It's financially impossible for you to save money by spending it on a service that gives you no financial return... I know you meant it in another context but what you wrote was just stupid....

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I can't and never will understand the irrational fear parents have with violence. Men use to kill each other in front of crowds in the name of entertainment. But now we sit in our living rooms wiggling our thumbs playing imaginary (as my wife calls them) people and some how that is exposing young kids to violence... Every hour those kids spend playing a video game is another hour people are safe from their "violent behaviour". It's all a matter of perspective.

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Did you seriously just put assassins creed and cod on that list?
You did?

.... Your a muppet....

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Puke green = xbone
Smurf turd blue = PS4

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Shut the fuck up. Your neither vigilante nor a man. Greatness does not await you or your friends.

Save it! I already know I'm an arsehole and a cunt telling me how bad a person I am will just make me hate you even more

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That's how I like my women "hyper" and "sexual"...
Now to show the Missus this and see whether or not I get slapped loo

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Sony are just as greedy. They are selling their console in America at $399 in Australia they are flogging us with a $550 price tag which is $120 more than what the dollar for dollar exchange is $399USD = $425AUD. Microsoft and flogging us with a $599 price $499USD = $540AUD so we are paying an extra $60.

Sony maybe selling the ps3 cheaper in the states but it is only $40-$50 cheaper than other countries.

So Sony are the greedy ones this gen well as far as I...

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Hahahahaha!....hahahaha! Wow mate! Seriously that is the all time greatest spin to a rumour ever! Lol cause it suits the old style look fucking lol. So why can't ryse do the same thing but at 900p... Might be "the look" the Devs are going for lol

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If they had built a time machine I think the reveal could have been a lot better! Lol

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Obviously he ain't a dev, either are you or any other ps4 purchaser for that matter. Yet some how you retards have the authority and the expertise to pass judgment on technical specs... Call him a fanboy as much as you want but it just makes you hypocritical.

Don't go calling me a fanboy either purely since I haven't preordered either console. I have no plans to preorder either as far as I'm concerned this is the most pathetic step in console ...

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Buy the rights to all things Sony... Destroy them all and bring back drm and the original Xbox one setup.
You know just to piss people off lol.

Get rid of major nelson is a priority. The man needs to see some sun, has complexion like the guys from twilight.

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Your jokes are paw...

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He (Adrian) goes on to explain its only interms of developing time... Which makes sense as the layout of the ps4 is straight forward no fancy loops to jump through like the x1. But he stated the overall performance is the same.
He claimed nothing about the console being 50% more powerful in performance only development time. Which is a no brainer. X1 has made the same mistake as the ps3 and they have tried to get all fancy and just made things too difficult. The curse of the 3rd I gue...

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I thought playstation gamers didn't like "gimmicks".... Oh wait that only applies to Microsoft "gimmicks" my bad....

Seriously virtual head set? Why the fuck don't they build a time machine while they are at it?... Stupidest idea ever and I hope it never comes to fruition. Clearly someone has been watching too much 'back to the future'

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It's so simple to fix... Let the users record their voices for the on and off commands and any other basic voice commands. Problem solved.

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