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"But but but Sony is for the gamerz"

The ps4 is only a good deal if you live in the US. Like with Xbox you get shafted if you dare to live outside the mighty USA.

Sony is a money hungry corporation and like Microsoft they want your money not your hearts #2

Forbidden to have camera connected to the internet...? It's not made from bacon it can't hurt you.
I swear Muslims make up their religion as they go by on a day to day basis #3.1.4
What's KSI?

Never heard of it before #1.1.20
Oh well... at least it doesn't over heat like the PS4. Oh wait sorry am I trolling the ps4? better pinch those bubbles #1.1.21
Me magoon is full of shit jb has ran out twice and reopened preorders. And I think be just reopened preorders the other week. Ps4 has sold out everywhere though. They can't guarantee anything until after January for new preorders #1.1.2
Lol looks like some author just stepped on the tail of ps4 fanboy club

But yeah them being quiet means nothing... They have midnight launches to plan for friday #1.1.4
Yeah not all Xbox games worked on the 360.
For example Brute Force.... I fucking love that game can't believe it got slammed by everyone. Bought the xbox solely for brute force. #1.1.2
N4G home to the gaming industry's top engineers, architects and analysts.

You experts have your heads so far up each other's arses your literally regurgitating the same shit over and over and over....

Let me rephrase my first sentence
N4G home to the gaming industry's human centipede... #1.1.6
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Nothing is as clear as "no".
You people aren't buying his reply because let's face it, his answer doesn't suit your agenda. You want it to be true. You hate the Xbox brand with such passion it's impossible for your selves to be called gamers. Everything your playstation is now! Would be nothing with out the Xbox as competition.

Microsoft can't win with you people. They give a long explained answer "too much info, typical PR response&... #1.1.3
Yeah I'm from Australia and everything here.....-REDACTED- DUE TO CENSORSHIP INTERVENTION

I haven't paid for music since I got tom jones single 'sex bomb' on cassette lol

Pretty sure at least 90% of gamers who listen to music while they play games would stream from their computers and with games these days the in game sounds dialog and soundtracks are too good to waste by playing your Miley sirus album #1.3.1
All the hate the Xbox gets just makes me want it more... Actually I'm definitely gunna get the Xbox One but probably not this year.
Got a few more important things to pay for and pay off before the luxury of a new console.

My eyes are shit anyway I'm never gunna notice the difference between 1080p v 720p. I Really do need to see an optometrist lol #1.1
So sweeping it under the rug before it's seen, is better than sweeping it under the rug when some catches you?

Sorry but when I find something under the rug which I didn't know was there is usually a "who the FUCK! Did this?!" Where as the other way round it's like watching your mate dispose of a body... It's a "you didn't see any of that did you? DID YOU?" #1.1.6
Your previous comments say you were never a fan of Xbox.

But anyway,
This Playstation fan is getting a Xbox One #1.2.7
Yet when rumours of ps4 drm patch surface and Sony don't comment it's because they don't comment on every meaningless rumour right?

I personally believe the drm rumour because why else would they be investing in their gaiki servers just like ms and the azure servers? Sony had plans to fuck over all their loyalist but were too chicken shit to face the firing squad... Or smart but however it was its a pretty safe assumption.
Though I guess it's ok becau... #1.1.4
You misunderstand me... I'm pro Xbox, just can't see myself to preorder it or the ps4. Just you have one article saying its 2:1 ratio in ps4 favour one day and 24hrs later they are equal?
The preorder numbers are all obviously bogus numbers and statistics journos are pulling off N4G and using the agree and disagree buttons as their polls #1.2.1
Now they're on par in terms of pre-orders?

Well that escalated quickly... #1
The reason doesn't matter to me the point was they did it. That's why when I think Playstation I think JRPGS. I have haunting memories of staying nights at my mates place in primary school while being forced to watch him play final fantasy and other JRPGS for hours on end! That's why I went from n64 to Xbox then xbox360. I'd never played a video game until I was 11. #1.1.6
Well no shit CBOAT! This guy really knows his stuff!

Clap clap! /s

Still I'm sitting on the fence with this gen my preference is Xbox. And It will most likely stay that way but the ps4 does for some reason seam appealing for the first time ever. I guess it's because so far they haven't flooded the console with JRPGS.... I hate JRPGS!!! #1.1.4
I still play on a launch X360 and that thing sounds like a monster from the bottom of the ocean!
Even with headphones it's still loud enough to clearly hear while in a hectic game of BF3 #2
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