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we all have our moments, i have scared my self just by moving my hand off my knee... and last year down the beach i freaked out when i got dumped in the surf and got a big arse piece of seaweed wrapped around my face... i thought it was a blue ringed octopus or something, so everyone saw me running along the beach yelling and rolling in the sand trying to get it off... not 1 of my manliest moments.

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The game has its OWN reporting system? i dont like the sound of that.

All ready that idea is majorly flawed because most gamers are arseholes, and dont like being beaten, whats to stop people from making false reports just because they are completely out classed by another player?

Being able to cancel a insertion doesnt stop people from boosting, it mearly gives you the option to cancel selected spawn, something which boosters will opt out of and continue to ...

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As a person who has been banned from XBLive 4 times and i mean thats a total of about 40 days suspension, i gotta say its more to do with the content of your bio or motto, having to change your name is not classified as a ban simply because all they do is make you change your gamer-tag.

1 suspension was for abusive language in-game communication... which is understandable because i am usually there to make sure no one else enjoys the game but me. and the other 3 were all Mott...

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I choose 360 because the games appeal to me. Whether you people think they are crap or not, the 360 has a online service i am more than happy to pay for, games i want to play and a controller that is comfortable for my hand.

The ammount of fanboyism going on in here is pretty funny. each comment stupider than the last.

Some people choose PS3 cause they like the games, console and service.
Some people choose 360 cause they like the ga...

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Technically you dont play as taliban at all in the game. whats in mulitplayer does not count, because the only difference is the coat of paint. instead of it being red vs blue its marines vs taliban... purely for team identification only.

And come on, everbody likes being the bad guys in videogames.

And in almost every FPS in the war genre has the killing of american soliders, whether its a fictional terrorist group, the Germans, the Russians, the Japs, and t...

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last time i checked it was a videogame, and not a taliban recruitment program.

So yes it is fine.

And in war there are no bad guys, everyone is fighting for a cause they believe in, even though it may be the wrong one.

And we have all shot our fair share of american soldiers in CoD, so how is it any different now?

@ Autofire
What is with people like yourself and your obsessions with conspiracy theories. Sure fear kee...

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3196d ago

Read books and play Halo 1 & 2



Whats it like having testicles as eyelids? does it feel as stupid as you look??

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3196d ago

OK they got a point Jason, seriously you didnt need to go through all the articles posted in the last 2 weeks to prove a point. Driods know its the truth and they all want Gears, Halo, Mass Effect etc... but they know they cant have em so they make their little stories up about how gay the 360 is and all.

But when you look at, who are the guys playing animae video games that are a majority of their exclusives??? Hmmmmm??.......... Im looking at you droids. And if it aint animae i...

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Just like 80% of all Americans on Xbox LIVE and PSN.
Im sick of hearing "OH MY GOSSSHHHH!, whats with this lag?", " DUDE! yall connection is like, like, like bad!" seriously America STFU!

To get around this prob just make a new Email address with your age above 18. that way you can keep your account but the console thinks you aged 4 years overnight.

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Women!?!?! in the Gears universe!?!?! when the f*** did this happen?
Those hardcore Chicks who are Gears Fans are gunna be out in full force when and if it comes out. That scares me.

Girls and Gears for some reason makes my pants grow very tight.... why is that???

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OF Course that PS3 has better graphics, a toddler can point that out. I as a 360 fan boy can say that easy. There is absolutely nothing on the 360 that the PS3 cant run.

That been said there is nothing that i can see on the PS3 thats worth playing or buying a PS3 for. MGS 4?? GAY! Killzone 2??? another generic shooter GAY!! Uncharted 2???........ ok maybe thats 1 game i want and Grand Turismo, But my mate will probably be getting both those games so i will just pop around to his ...

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agree with panda

played Crysis at my mates place and they have song for what happened....
its called Jizz in my Pants........ heard it? thought so.

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got no choice.

Why didnt they just call it FallOut 4????

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Your comment is one of the best and fairest I've read on this site, But for me its the other way round, i prefer 360 games over PS3 because thats what tickles my fancy.

I believe the 360 has better exclusives that arent all side scrollers like the PS3 (God of War, Little Big Planet, Heavenly sword), but then you can say that they're all shooters, so doesnt really make a point.

You said, that we should all have the console that we think is fun.... well 360 is the one ...

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Halo was first presented to Sony but rejected, and is now one of the best selling games of all-time.

Sony dont understand what quality is, and sure as hell cant see the money slapping them in the face.

But as history has shown, games that Sony rejects end up becoming console pushes on other consoles. MGS, Killzone, and Uncharted while they look good, aint pushing anyone to buying a PS3. Whereas the name 'Halo' can push a million consoles in a day.


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tell me about it! been banned twice in the last 2 months
BOTH bans were for my appropriate posts and the complete off topic and insulting posts are still there!


and i can hear another BAN coming my way or atleast a delete. I can hear the Moderators heavy breathing as they roll towards my post.
RUN KIDDIES! before they eat you too!

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would you rather compare it with Halo 3?
Sorry Infamous still loses.

And they didnt even add the PS3 version in with the combined total of the Xbox 360.

But honestly both games suck, Crackdown and Fable are better than both.

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Truths a b*tch aint it

everything PS3 related is LAME? thats strange coming form a PS3 fanboy.
Maybe you should by a AWSUMBOX 360, nothing LAME on that console.

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