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If that were true due to history of all multiplat games PS3 will be the worst of the 3... History backs that more.

Plus a port from PC to 360 would go alot smoother than PC to PS3.

Not that i care i will be getting it on my 360 regaurdless #1.1.10
looks far from real

but for a a game its decent #1.1.3
Who the hell disagreed with darkride66?

What he said makes sense... and is the only logical comment in all of this.

NO game has ever sold a console... you buy a console purely as an investment into your leisure time. If your 1 of those people who went out and bought a console solely for 1 game you are what the universe calls an idiot.

Games dont sell consoles, Accessories dont sell consoles... in the end its the price of a console that determ... #1.1.7
Mass Effect 3 and Skyrim are looking like the only games i will be picking up this year.

Thinking about Gears 3 and Battlefield 3 if it comes out this year... other than that its another disappointing year of games for me. #1.1.1
They said that in 2009 and 2010... so 3rd time is the charm. #1.1.2
You have my sympathy but not my charity... i refuse to donate to any cause... simply because someone else always takes a large cut of what you give.

But you Kiwi's are the adrenaline junkies of the world, i know you fellas will do fine.

I may come over and help in the rebuilding, since I'm a registered builder...but we'll see #5.2
Russia and America having nothing on China... incase you have forgotten America belongs to China now and i would not be surprised if they had a large portion of Russia as well.

If WW3 breaks out my money is on China... well technically they already have my money... but you know what i mean #4.1
I just had a Frank Barone moment.

Looks too good to be true so i will stay skeptical until i've seen more #1.1.26
The problem with games like Killzone 3 and its gunna happen to Uncharted3 aswell, is the fact they set the standard for their franchises so fucking high in their last game that the next installment cant really make that big a splash.

Its like doing a dive bomb into a kiddies inflatable pool. you can do 1 decent splash... but then there is no water left in the pool for the second.

PS3 developers tapped the hardware limit faster than i think anyone thought achi... #1.1.7
when i first saw this topic i thought this was Asia's version of Bieber #1.1.8
WOW its amazing how all of you have misinterpreted the title and are now arguing something completely different from the article.

Sure it could have been worded better, but what they are saying is the Mass Effect Franchise is now the BEST because it has finally found its way to the PS3. It has successfully conquered all 3 major consoles.

And i agree Mass Effect 2 simply is the best game of the last 5 years

"The only one wit... #1.1.11
Obviously you dont understand the concept of lag.

Dedicated servers only work when there are hundreds of them in all countries... come down to australia and tell me you dont experience lag.

Im sorry put due current global internet speeds... P2P is still the best solution... as the gaming population is far to small. Dedicated servers only work for Europe and America...

Being a Aussie we are surrounded by 100s of miles of ocean and global onlin... #1.1.16
never heard of her or seen her before... but i would hit that without any hesitation...and several times after. Bitch or not, part of man code is never turn down a freebie... i know it makes me a bad person but i would happpily cheat on my current GF (she wont be my gf for much longer though) with this clearly stunning woman... regaurdless of personality.

But then again i cant go more than 2 weeks without a root #1.1.3
"Did you guys notice there's almost no Teh Doomz PS3 articles lately but oddly enough there arent any Teh Doomz 360 articles."

You realise you just said the samething about both consoles but in different words?

And can anyone honestly tell me the name of a good Exclusive that i'd like whether it be from PS3 360 or PC... dont say Uncharted Franchise cause its gay, dont say Killzone 2 because its boring, Dont say God of Wa... #1.1.21
people with a dirty mind might interpret that heading wrong.... or was it just me? #2
The 360 controller is better than the Playstation controller.
How ever the Playstation fanbase is far bigger than that of the Xbox fanbase and once you become accustomed to 1 controller its hard to get use to another 1. PS controllers are something that if you have grown up with you dont notice how bad it is. But the 360 is a controller right from the get go you can get a feel for.

But still this d-pad isnt going to be as effective as the PS d-pad. The PS advantage is... #4.1.1
whats the release date for this? #1.4
Imagine what the lag was like if you lived in Australia like me... Gears 1 i must have played a 1000+ multiplayer matches...Gears 2 only about 30, Gears with dedicated servers and Matchmaking fails hard.

Gears 1 layout was so simple and you always had a perfect connection... though the host advantage once you got past the extra blood on the screen was a little extreme. #1.2.1
Funny you say that Pixel...

As a 360 gamer myself, i agree... the game is fail.
However i honestly think Uncharted 1&2 and Killzone 2 are just as bad.

Just because a game is Exclusive... doesnt mean its "AAA"... the purpose of an Exclusive is to push consoles... nothing more. #1.2.2
I've had a bird eating spider climb (Size of a dinner plate) over my face... sure i freaked the fuck out, but i gotta say after that, any spider smaller than my fist does not scare me. #1.2.2
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