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the author is a fuckwit. Halo is a mega franchise no matter how you look at it. You tell which other game has a larger library of novels, graphic novels, comic books and short animated films....?

im currently nearing the end of the 2nd novel in the forerunner saga by Greg Bear. And just ordered the 3rd book in the Kilo 5 trilogy by Karen Travis. All brilliant books better than the games.

Halo is a mega franchise and a mega story universe. Bungie really create... #2.1
we eat kangaroo..... i consider that conquered #1.3
I see the sony circle jerk crew are out in this thread. look at all you wankers tugging on each other talking about videogames and sonys latest success.
Im happy for you guys... you seem so happy with your console and you all have so many games to play.... wait then shouldnt you be playing it right now!? :O. Oh thats right its time for your daily troll session.

Yeah i went there.

Have fun playing your 2D 1080p 60FPS side scroller games made by the &qu... #1.1.18
wow saw Brute Force in the headline only to read on that its not coming back... these are sad times indeed.

No Brute Force...No Xbox. its just science really #1.1.2
I know right. If you play video games to use anything other ISP but telstra your bound to find problems.
Yes telstra are c***s but atleast with their partnership with MS(foxtel) and the Xbox360 you know they will have all ports open.

plus i have found when you ring telstra angry about something you can normally get credit added to your bill. Just got $244 compo for their f*** up delivering a new ADSL2+ Gateway 3 weeks before my move in date. #2.1
And with the announcement we will see who looks stupider.
People doing exercise in front of a camera or;
Some dressed up like robocop marching on the spot and spining around and flailing their arms.

The peripheral cannot work unless it is completely wireless and wireless equals bulky. though i stand to be corrected.

Its a gimmick and if Kinect at a hundred bucks is a rip off for a peripheral? the VR is a waste of Sonys valuable money.
Campaign seems short... #1.1.2

So basically what your saying is exclusives are corporate greed?

If the idea to make gamers is to get it to as many people as possible then by that logic Sony are the greediest of all. Denying 2/3 of the gaming population from some of their top franchises.... How dare they!

Fact is exclusives only exist to sell consoles. The only reason ms bought the exclusivity is because they saw great potential for them to sell more consoles with... #1.2.4
What Tom said.

Just because you bought the console at launch doesn't mean your untitled to any money back. You knew it would get cheaper as everything does. You have no whinging rights as a early adopter to complain about a price drop.

So nobody has been slapped in the face. That's just an idiotic thing to say #1.1.3

Lol that was hands down the funniest Aussie impersonation I have ever read on the interwebs. And there was no racism in that what so ever. We are a nation not a race.

On topic I bought the Xbox One purely because I prefer Xbox games and controller. I blame JRPGS for my hatred of the playstation brand. And that view will never change #1.2.4
I will just drop a flag here for the authorities that be :) #3.1
Please enlighten me on the halo 4 plot holes. I've read all but one of the novels and so far the only game to completely break halo lore is bungies halo reach. That was an abomination to the halo universe the the events in the story don't fit in with the novel #1.2.4
It's a bungie game but I think it's too early in the next gen for the game to hit that number I think 5-6million is more believable #1.1.1
Sorry but I didn't realise simple economics has changed...
There are 3 levels

The manufacture sells their product to a distributer and a distributer sells the product out to the consumer. The manufacture only supplies the demand that is needed by the distributor. The more consumers equall more demand from the manufacturer.

There is a reason retailers have sales and liquidations. It's no... #2.1.25
Yeah devs can talk their games up as much as they want. but without physical proof of the game. It's just a graphic audio book. #1.1
And like all ps fans your completely not bias to any extent....

Never played titanfall barely watched any videos of it, but from what I see it lookalike cod with robots. I will wait for a friends review before I take to it. #1.1.9
Sorry but 6v6 is plenty. plus cannon fodder and a pet robot! game sounds pretty fun too me. if i cant kill the player atleast i can still progress through the game.

why you playstation loyalist complaining? you aint getting the game anyway. stop trying to ruin everything that separates PS4 and XBOX1. Ill let you know how good or shit the game is come march. #1.1.7
funny how people are complaining how its different from battlefield and COD, yet if they went down the road of cod or battlefield you'd be complaining about how they are just reusing the same old FPS formula.

Obviously they are trying to focus the hardcore fast paced FPS market. there is a reason games like CoD and Halo were in featured in MLG. and not games like KZ MAG and PlanetSide. Does BF even have a spot in MLG??

Buying this game now solely out of s... #1.1.16
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Concept art is completely different from in-game art.

Game will look nothing like this come final. Even on PC they'll struggle. #1
I just picked up a Xbox one yesterday and at the same time asked when they are getting more ps4s in an all the guy in dispatch could say was "No idea, if not next week probably end of January an most are already spoken for."

I walked in a got the second last Xbox one they had left in stock but they are getting another 20 on Wednesday so it's a none issue. #1.1.2
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