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Just fine, I'd bet, if your monitor is 1080p or less.

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Props for including the OS price in the build.

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I'm expecting it's release in 6-12 months.

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USA release is November 22nd, 2 weeks from Tuesday.

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My new favorite site for PC games.

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Picked this up on Green Man for about $36, today. Traded in my 360 copy when this was announced. Should kill time till Skyrim nicely.

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"[Is this Nico?]"

Yeah, huge fans. Who apparently didn't complete Ballad of Gay Tony. Why is that picture included in a GTA V feature?

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Master Chief is an extensively enhanced super soldier who spends a lot of time in cryo. His age is practically irrelavent, & he's still nearly 20 years younger than Tommy Vercetti would be.

Sam Fisher is a lifelong soldier who has kept himself in fantastic physical condition. Also, he's almost 10 years younger than Tommy would be. Significant.

Tommy Vercetti, while a badass, is just an extremely resilient psychopath. The voice in the trailer doesn...

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San Andreas is California. Los Santos is Los Angeles. Being set in San Andreas doesn't exclude it from being set at least partially in Los Santos.

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Tommy Vercetti was born in 1951. That would make him 61 years old.

It's not Tommy Vercetti you're playing as. He was already 35 years old in Vice City, not in his early 20s. Simple math eliminates him as the protagonist of GTA V, which is clearly set in modern San Andreas.

Another much more plausible theory is that the protagonist is Claude Speed, the silent main character from GTA 3.

I'm not sold on it, but it makes much more ...

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Green Man? If so, same here. I hate the delay, but it's worth it for a an experience that's far superior, visually.

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Sweet, blocked already.

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I love a lot of these actors, but think the majority of these are miscast.

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The article's author should be informed that Obsidian never had anything to do with The Elder Scrolls series. They developed Fallout New Vegas for Bethesda. That's it.

Here's a rundown of what they've actually developed:

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If playin' you is wrong, I don't wanna be right.

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"In Obsidian/Bethesda's upcoming RPG epic The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, however, three hours barely scratches the game's surface."

"Visually, Skyrim might be the most appealing title Obsidian has ever produced."

This kinda sh*t irritates me.

Obsidian didn't produce the game.

If you don't know who developed the game, your credibility as a journalist goes right down the crapper.

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He may not have meant "pretty good", literally. Perhaps with a hint of incredulous sarcasm, as in "Really? 9.5 isn't good enough for you?"

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That's what I was thinking. By Spring, Qarl or Maldo, or whomever, will release a nice high res texture pack.

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If there's someplace you know that has a bunch of super hot chicks with pimples on their noses, & no one else wants to bone them, let me know about it.

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I had a great time with it. Once I had my dynamite bolts, pop rockets, & spider sentry bots, I was loving it. Definitely not perfect, but a very fun diversion while I wait for Skyrim.

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