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No, I'm saying that this article is probably interesting to pretty much anyone who just bought this card, or wanted to.

You don't have to have bought four cards, or have the money to be able to buy them, to want to know what 4 of them can do.

So I'm saying the article is likely of interest to way more than "two people".

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The fact that these are sold out everywhere would indicate that otherwise. :^)

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I think the obvious sweet spot on these babies is 1 if you're at 1080p, & 2 if you're at 2560x1600 or running 3 1080p monitors.

Even 1 at 1080p even seems to be overkill, unless you're running at 120Hz, and/or playing in 3D.

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If you're gaming at 1360x768, this card isn't meant for you. There are $100 GPUs that would perform more than adequately at that resolution.

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Coupon no longer valid? Clicked link. Not working. Too bad, I was interested.

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Man, the music from the game is bernt N mah breynz 4 lyfe, son.

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Most probably u rite.

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They'd be able to reuse a bunch from 4 & EFLC, so I find this pretty believable.

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Definitely scooping up a copy.

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Agreed. I like a scaled down version of this effect, but that level of it just looks distracting.

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Cool, for a while I was a bit bummed about the unlikely prospect of this series continuing.

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I play at 2560x1600, so an $850 rig will not max out every game at that resolution. But at 1080p, probably so. I have a 2600k at 4.6GHz, and a GTX 590 running running at stock settings. With vsync on most games will fully max out and stay at 60. The few that won't are Metro 2033, Battlefield 3, The Witcher 2, and Batman Arkham City with PhysX on high.

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You can use your $5 off 2011 bestseller promo code on this as well, brining it down to $25. Activates on Origin.

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Dat ENB!

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My chick doesn't hate anything that I play. It's if I start trying to tell her about it that she's less than stoked. To her credit, though, she's played through GTA 4, Red Dead Redemption & it's expansion, all 3 Uncharted games, & Super Mario 3D Land in the past few months. Trying to get her into Skyrim, but no luck so far.

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Gerard Butler may bear a mild resemblance to the character, but his energy is all wrong.

I'm going to suggest Tom Hardy.

While he may not look a whole lot like the character, he's got amazing range.

Watch Bronson, Warrior, RocknRolla, etc. The guy is a chameleon, he's the right age to do 2-3 movies spread over 6 years, he's in great shape, & he's probably not all that expensive yet.

People should sto...

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lolwut disagreements

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Shrit, everybody know dat Dain Cooke is perfec 4 Nahtan Drank. I mean rly c'mon both dem white dudes with messy brownish hare it so obveeus. :-D :-D :-D :-D trololololDrank

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