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Complete horse****. #102
This article is unoriginal & redundant. I love how he attacked many of the games for being unoriginal, but wrote an article about overrated games. We've seen a million of these whiney "everything currently popular SUX" articles. #6
Preach. #3.1
I'll be buying both consoles for their exclusives, & my PC will still kick the shit out of both of them, so who really cares? T%he games will be bigger, more beautiful, & hopefully better across the board. We all win. #22
Sticking with my OCd 2500k & GTX 680 SLI until next year's releases, then I'll replace my Mobo, RAM, CPU, & GPUs.
Next console gen will have started gaining some real steam by then, & it'll give devs some slack to make PC games push the hardware further. #4
Modding for the Instagram generation. #1
During these promos I've gotten as much as $40 for a single game. They typically only give small amounts for old games that have much less resale value. #5
Starbreeze. #7
$900 #1.1.3
Oversharpened at those settings, but I like the color scheme. #3
I went ahead & signed up for the first time. As a Vita & PS3 owner I can't argue with a deal like that. I let my XBL Gold membership lapse last month for the first time in 6 years. #14
Would you mind sharing your system's specs, please? #10.1.1
If you're still running XP your hardware probably ain't up to snuff, anyway. #10
@droodle- to my knowledge the current consoles only output at a max of 60hz, so for console gamers its irrelavent. Don't you need a dual link DVI, display port, or at least a higher speed HDMI input for 120hz? #5.1.2
Yep. For most people it's 45 fps. For far fewer it's 60 fps. Very few can see a difference past that. #5.1
I bought 3 copies on PC (2 as gifts) & one on 360. Love this game. #12
Spring is late March through late June. #8.1.1
GTFO. #6.2
Ahahha, got a brief gut laugh from me, funny mental image of him in J Lo gear with cornrows. #9.1
If you havin' log in problems I feel bad for you, son. I got 99 problems, but Diablo ain't one. #2
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