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PS3 Launched a year after 360 at $599 with no games worth a damn. So what's your point?

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$599 for a console is appropriate? No, but people still bought it. Ever heard of price drops?

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RDR makes GTA look like a flushed turd, don't even compare the two. Its hard to compare RDR to Mafia though, simply because they are set in different times with a different setting.

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From a technical standpoint back then, it was very damn impressive. Now when you look back on it though, it kinda looks like poo lol. With Rockstar making such massive games with great graphics like RDR, its kinda hard to believe GTA use to be all about gameplay while its graphics looked like shit.

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butthead is butthurt he lost a PS3 exclusive to Xbox. Its okay, you will live.

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Hey look at that, realistic looking blood and damage, its about time. I mean come on, at one point in the game your going to want to beat the living hell out of someone and when you look at them, you expect to see what's in the new screenshots. Finally you can!

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MGS4 had 5 hours of gameplay and like 9 hours of cut scenes (probably exaggerated, but those who played it know) but does that make MGS4 a bad game? Hell no, MGS4 was a freakin masterpiece.

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Best downloadable game of the year across all platforms?

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Did Kanye West give you that line?

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There's going to be a demo you know. Probably the first or second week of August.

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10-12 million? Don't make me laugh, GT5 will sell well, but I don't expect anything over 6-8million. It will not win GOTY I can assure you that, no racing game will. GOTY is going to either LBP2, ME2, Halo: Reach, or Red Dead Redemption.

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Halo Reach says hi.

Best selling GT (GT3 A-Spec) sold 14 million over the course of 9 years and lost 4 million in sales with the release of GT4. Halo 3 sold 11 million over the course of 3 years and is the best selling Halo. GT5 Prologue didn't even hit 4 million. If you think GT5 will outsell Halo Reach, or hurt Xbox's sales, your very ignorant.

EDIT: Disagree all you want, doesn't change the fact Halo Reach had over 1 million beta testers, whic...

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You lost 200 more IQ points for clicking play, when you knew you wasn't going to like it in the first place.

This really makes me wonder who the stupid one is here. HHG or the people who don't like him but still come here knowing there going to be disappointed, then post they are disappointed. Wasting your own time on purpose sounds pretty stupid to me.

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Gamestop already provides digital distribution of video games...

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I buy all my games from mom and pop stores. What's better than getting a game early?

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Read it and you might find out why it was approved. The article is not talking about Mario directly coming to 360.

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People on this site never read the articles, you didn't know that? This site is called Headlines 4 Gamers, that's about it.

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Because its coming from the developers/community managers themselves, instead of on news websites where words usually get twisted. Its like asking, would you rather talk to your friend over the phone, or talk to your friend through another friend. Same concept.

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JD_2020 said you wont have to pay for COD Black Ops either. Doesn't mean its true, but its more comfortable hearing it from Josh than that stuck up prick Mr. Bowling.

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See this SquirrelNuts, perfect example of PS3 gamers blowing shit out their ass.

You know how some of the first 360's didn't have HDMi

They all do now, at least the 360 come packed in with HD cables where PS3 only comes with RCA cables (With the exception of one bundle)

You know how some 360's don't have built in wi-fi

They do now, and its faster than the PS3's

You know like NO 360's h...

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