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One of my favorite parts of GTA4 was the handling of the cars, I really liked it.....

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Well for me its always when I have more than 1 page up. Soon as I open the 2nd page, within a few minutes it will lock up trying to load something. I just gave up on the web browser, the only time I use it is to download movies, music, or PS3 themes.

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About damn time, the thing is so slow and freezes all the time.

Honestly I can deal with the slow speed, its the freezing where I have to hard reset my PS3 that annoys me. If they at least fix the freezing issues, I'll be happy.

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Its $15 a month on PS3.

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Sooo I have to buy more of the game to finish the game I paid $60 for? Aint that a load of shit.

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"The beta's about to launch"

"About" and "Coming Soon" are my most hated words in the video game industry.

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Yea if they was to remake SOCOM 2 and sell it, SOCOM 4 would be a huge flop and a waste of 3 years in development by a game they made 7 years ago. I could honestly care less if they did nothing to do the game, if they just released it on better servers so people can't cheat I would play it for years. SOCOM 2 servers are still up for a reason people, its the king of 3rd person online shooters.

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I have a 250GB HDD for a reason, I wouldn't mind giving up 10+GB for a good game. I could always delete it and make room if I ever needed to.

@ChozenWoan - People complain because its annoying, every time you download a demo, or patch, etc you have to install it when you don't want to. Installing full games is an option, you don't have to do it and when you do its up to you when you wish to do it and its not required. So having the option to install a game you pl...

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I would pay $100+ for SOCOM 2 HD, it was that damn good.

Back in 2003, that was the best $50 I ever spent.....and still is.

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It does kinda suck the PS3 doesn't offer it, I mean they have mandatory installs when you don't want them, but when you do want them, you can't install the game. The slim does heat up pretty quick, the old models never really got hot, but my slim gets hot enough to cook something.

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Uh, no it was bad. It was cool for 5min, then after that it was like wtf. The game isn't that great looking either, back when it was released it was, but looking at it now its pretty crappy.

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Considering how slow Youtube has become with loading videos, this will definitely help.

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Calm down before I get 50 Cent after you.

Its not the new logo.

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Its not the new logo, the slogan is real though.

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Yea MS paid them to not support Move on their game, instead of paying them to make the game exclusive. /s

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Xbox looks better.

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Anything to attack MS, tickles Sony fanboy's buttholes.

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To be fair, Kinect pre-order price was set at $150. If you pre-ordered it, you planned to at least pay $150.

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You care to much about defending Sony to be a gamer.

PC gamer that post this stupid crap?

PS3 Can do these overlooked features
Cure Cancers
Catch Pedophiles
Works with Any USB Keyboard
Works with Any USB Mouse
Works with any Mic
Works with any USB Webcam
Has a dictionary
Can use Instant Messaging form MSN to Yahoo
30 Hours of gaming use battery life on DS3 #12

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