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Its called RDR....amazing game. I love going to Mexico to lasso the Donkeys and drag them around hahahaha

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So? In MAdden and NCAA you have the option to change the difficult at any time (not sure about FIFA/PES) but if that's true for those games as well, then no sports game should be listed. Games like Trials HD force you to play more difficult and frustrating tracks if you wish to complete the game, its not like you can play an Extreme Track, pause the game and change it to easy.

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Interesting, its free on XBL but you have to pay to play it on PSN. Sony is pulling a MS, taking away features that should be free and charging for them.

EDIT: You don't need Gold to play the demo, it has SP as well. You could play it on Xbox almost a month ago for free, there was a thing on the dashboard and all you had to do was text a certain number with KL2 for example, and they would send you a code.

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@Raf1k1 - Seeing how the article is about sales, my post regarding piracy was about sales as well, not amount of people playing.

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"an" indie game? There's like 5 or 6 lol some include online multiplayer as well. One game said something like "Give massages to your friends over Xbox live" I laughed, then pictured the perverts who made that game hahahaa.

Plug & Play will fix your battery problem. Never again will I buy batteries.

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To me it looked like a "cool" version of Harry Potter...if that's possible I don't even know.

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"Seriously why do people think PC gaming is dead?"

Very high piracy?

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You do realize that is the arcade version of the 360 that sells by itself for $199 right? Casuals don't look at the tech behind the hardware or accessories, they look at what it does and what the price is. Controller free motion gaming with a 4G console (4GB is more than enough for casuals) vs Controller motion gaming with 160GB console (more GB than a casual will know what to do with) for $150 more. Casuals are going to see Move at Walmart and instantly think its Wii for PS3.

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Trials HD can be pretty frustrating at times. I'm surprised Demons Soul's isn't on that list though.

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PS3 have a price drop? HAHAHAAHAHAHA riiiiight.

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That doesn't matter because Move has better games? Well PS3 and Xbox have better games than the Wii, but Wii puts both the 360 and PS3 to shame in terms of sales.

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Yea but it sucks, I always forget you can you use it, and it messes me up.

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My comment made perfect sense. You said "On-line component that are disappearing with time" "I know several months later they will lose features". Well, SOCOM 2 is 7 years old and still has its online component and lost no features, even the first SOCOM is still up and running after 8 years. Great games with good support wont lose anything.

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There is a lot of great Indie games that are cheap on XBL. I MADE A GAME WITH ZOMBIES IN IT was the best $1 I ever spent.

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Really? I bought SOCOM 2 7 years ago and the online is still up and running....

Maybe this game just isn't that great.

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If they pay $60 for Black Ops just to play Zombies how does that make them morons? As long as those people feel they got there $60 worth out of Zombies and enjoy themselves where you can't, that makes you a moron for criticizing the fun of someone else.

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EA make a better COD? They already tried....MOH and it sucks.

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SOCOM 4 was not built from ground up with the Move in mind. Zipper already stated they where over a year in development on SOCOM 4 before Sony asked them to add support for the Move, and SOCOM 4 was built with the DS3 in mind. As far as the other games you listed I'm not to sure.

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I'm pretty sure they already stated it will support Kinect to a certain extent, just no details on what exactly. Just by watching this video the gameplay seems to have really improved. It looks more fluid and easier, and overall a better experience.

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Nope, if it was going to come out this year it would have already been announced. Maybe summer of 2011, if not then most defiantly November 2011.

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