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For being such a successful franchise, he would be stupid not to make Fable 4.

EDIT: My point proven in the other "Molyneux" article, you hate the guy so much yet you keep popping up in every article that features him. You really need to get a life bro.

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Then don't click on articles that feature him then, its not that hard. Your comments are pretty annoying, but unfortunately you like to comment on every single article it seems.

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Not really impressed to be honest.

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This game is going to flop...HARD.

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Marketing don't keep people playing a game for 3 years after its been out. You can market or hype a game all you want, if I don't like it, I'm not going to play it. Honestly I think you're just jealous the PS3 doesn't have a huge successful FPS with hundreds and thousands of gamers playing daily.

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Not for PS3 though, they are really lacking this year.

@BornToKill - Says the guy who post comments like this "Xbox ruining lives since 2005. #8"

@juniordee - GT5 is going to be overshadowed this year thanks to COD. GT is not what it use to be.

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It will be better on 360 anyway, just like 90% of multiplatform games.

EDIT: They might as well be exclusive seeing how they are always shitty ports to the PS3. RDR is a good example.

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It says HHGS right in the title, if you had to look at your calendar to realize that, you're more ignorant than HHG.

/ˈɪgnərənt/ Show Spelled[ig-ner-uhnt] Show IPA
lacking in knowledge or training; unlearned: an ignorant man.
lacking knowledge or information as to a particular subject or fact: ignorant of quantum physics.
uninformed; unaware.
due to ...

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If Wii 2 had Blu Ray, PS3 would be in 4th place!

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It only does maintenance

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You have a better source? VGChartz may not be 100% correct, but its pretty close most of the time.

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That screen is from the PC version being played with a PS3 controller.

See the grass in that screen?

Yea, not in the actual gameplay footage of the PS3. Neither is the motion blur that is in those screens, that is actually in the PC version.

It only does PC screens.

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lol 360 doesn't need "download in the background", 360 game updates take less than 5 sec to download and install. Nice try, try again.

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"The bundle including a 4GB Xbox 360 slim, Kinect, and Kinect Adventures with one controller is priced the same price as the Halo Reach bundle"

No its not, that bundle is $299, the Halo Reach bundle is $399. I hate stupid people.

EDIT: £249.99 = $399 We are not getting screwed on the Reach Bundle, you guys are getting screwed with a higher price Kinect Xbox Bundle.

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Well no shit, why would a developer who hasn't worked with Kinects technology, speak about it? Its one thing to look at the the tech, or the specs behind it and have an opinion, but its another thing to actually work with it.

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$50 extra to get a trophy that means nothing, I'll pass.

EDIT: You're kinda slow aren't you? You need to spend $50 extra if you want to get that trophy, that $50 is towards another Move controller. Honestly, my comment was not that hard to understand.

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They? Its one person and his personal list. You fanboys are so quick to say people hate PS3 when a top 10 list doesn't include 9 PS3 exclusives. Personally, the only PS3 exclusive I'm looking forward to is LBP2, does that mean I hate my PS3? No, it means other PS3 exclusives are not my type of game.

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Being free can only be an excuse for so long, we are talking about a basic feature here, its nothing spectacular. Facebook is free, but when you get a message it pops up and in one click it takes you straight to the message. Sony can evolve PSN as quick as they wish to, Sony is a huge company, they have more than enough money to invest in making PSN better, its just their choice to do so or not. Sony has added much bigger features to PSN than auto-opening messages by pressing the PS button, s...

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I find it funny you're quick to trust what Gabe says now that he is saying something positive about PS3. Back when he was bashing it left and right, Sony fans didn't believe a word he said. Funny how that works when the tide is turned.

EDIT: @Colonel-Killzone - Understandable, but you think a simple apology is going to make Sony fans just accept Gabe in just because he said sorry? Its much easier to accept a developer after they say something about your console by co...

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