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That's why PC gaming blows, I'll stick to my PS3, Xbox 360, 50" TV, and my couch. If I want to play a game, I want to just buy it, put it in one of my systems and play. Not check to see if I'm even able to play it.

@MiamiACR - Have fun constantly upgrading your hardware to play the latest games. Where my 5 year old hardware will continue to play games, that make you upgrade your current hardware.

Yea I want to spend 700 dollars to play the sa...

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Except for the little flaw where every PS3 in the world (excluding Slims, I had one thank god) was unplayable, even offline?


You can't deny facts

Whats sad is the whole problem that caused millions of players not able to even play their system, was because Sony had their calendar wrong.

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No but fanboys on this site do.

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You're very ignorant sir. The Move bundle is $99.99, the sub-controller is $29.99. That makes a grand total of, $129.98 not including tax, which depending on your state your looking at around $150. Kinect has no price yet, therefor Move is not cheaper. Next time you call someone an ignorant bastard, learn to read and do basic math.

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They have had 4 years to do so, if its so easy why havn't they? I will tell you, because they can't.

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Gamestop has it set for a September 1st release. Its Rockstar, so it will be delayed at least once, so your looking at October this year. That is, if it actually releases this year.

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Its spelled you're, you idiot. Are PS3 fanboys that caught up in their own stupidity, that they can't realize they are really wrong? You're an idiot for thinking your opinion is a fact.

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Planned? I'm playing it right now....

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I want to play!

People who like Move

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As long as this doesn't happen I'm good.

EDIT: Hey, you brought up Dildos not me.

EDIT2: lol That's not my dog! I just found it on Twitter, and since you was speaking of dildos, I was like "sure why not".

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There isn't, some people are just to stupid to figure things out themselves.

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He's a faggot because you can't read? Nobody cares what your GOTY was last year, this is an article on the "Top 5 best games you never played of 2009", no NastyLeftHook's GOTY for 2009. Please, go back to school and stop calling people faggots, it makes you look like a child.

@Donny - Why should I shut up? I thought he was a child, but you telling me to shut up then giving him bubbles for calling someone a faggot, makes you more immature and as much of ...

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I did in fact play that game, and I didn't like it at all.

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Operation Flashpoint had a lot of potential, but my god was it boring as hell.

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Your right, the 360 is DEAD ahead of PS3 by 5 million units. Congratulations you have been taught the facts of real life. Fanboy school is to your left, thank you and have a great day.

EDIT: Nope, Microsoft fixed those for free if you sent it in. If you send them your console and they send you a new one that doesn't count as a sale now does it?

One could say the same thing about PS3 and the YLOD, or the fact that the slim was released and tons of PS3 owne...

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What's wrong with posting numbers? The other article that was posted was by a person who can't accomplish basic math skills.

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While your information is correct. Worldwide know...the world..USA is part of the world you know. You proved nothing...

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