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Remember Reach 9.14.10

The day even Sony skips work to play Reach.

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At this rate Halo Reach might end up with more perfect scores than any game.

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It is the greatest.

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Except PS3 fanboys

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Fable 3 > All

Nope no sarcasm. Game will be amazing.

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Of course, without all the blood and gore, you're left with a very dull and boring game.

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Sony may have had the tech in development before Nintendo (even though no one knows for sure since Nintendo never released early development videos), but Sony clearly copied the design of the Wii mote and added a glowing ball at end of it.

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Not every game can have amazing limited editions like Reach does. So yes, it deserves its own review.

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Yet ANOTHER perfect score. Remember Reach fanboys.

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Better than PS3 fanboys hyping such an Indiana Jones rip off, aka Uncharted 2.

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A perfect game is perfect.

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You're right, its a Killzone destroyer in every way.

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Uncharted 2 was a B game at best, so what's your point?

@HDGamer - I'm not lying, it was a B game no doubt. Average gameplay, average online, average story, and great graphics = B game. If I wanted to climb things like a monkey I would play Assassins Creed.

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Remember Reach

Except for PS3 fanboys, they can't remember what they don't have.

EDIT: @BastardSword - Halo Reach average is off 12 reviews, UC2 average is off 105. Reach is just getting started. Don't be upset because Halo Reach offers more content than UC2 ever will, including the DLC for UC2 doesn't even match the content Reach offers on a single DVD.

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Xbox 360

It only does everything

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Well Shadow of the Colossus was pretty boring and dull, so I guess this isn't saying much.

Nope, I rented it, beat it and never thought about it again. I really didn't want to waste my $5 nothing in that game could convince me otherwise.

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You mean the close to 4 million people who bought Fable 2? I guess Uncharted 2 is boring since it received around the same amount of sales.

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It only does piracy

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This game looks so retarded lol

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