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"MW3 is the shit!!!"


Dam, I can't get a preview of what they look like cause Europe #5
The link is to the Europe PS Blog and it says "this March", so its most likely this year #1.1
Wasn't there a listing for Battletoads a few weeks ago? Those things usually end up becoming true #4
I want Primeape #3
I like his new hat #18
I wished this kinda stuff was just a sticker, and not printed directly on the cover #2
So no WiiU version here then. That one is supposed to have Amibo support #5
C'mon Mileena #6
The Forest looks cool as hell. Its likes the grown ups version of Minecraft #2
Sweet Jesus, I would buy it, but I don't have the money for it right now #9
Street Fight IV still looks good almost 6 years later #14
4. I could openly admit that I do not play games, yet people will be willing to hand me thousands of dollars just to hear my opinions on them.

5. Men will be willing to devalue themselves, and their entire gender, in order to place me on a pedestal, solely because I am female.

15. As a female, people will be afraid to criticize me, or my opinions, no matter how radical or insane they are, for fear of being called sexist.

Those are my favourite #3
It might come to Xbone, but not it Japan. The trailer that was shown has the Japanese rating when it starts, and has Japanese subtitles #25
The kids are gonna see the word "suicide" on buses when the movie comes out #10
Get the 20th Anniversary theme, when you open up the menu it plays the OG Playstation music #1.1
Dis gon be good #4
December aint lacking this year #6
Lego Batman 3 sounds good #2
So I should play it on my Vita #22
Not as good as Melee or OG Smash #2
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