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"MW3 is the shit!!!"


This sounds like it will be Raiden. I REALLY hope that they bring back Mileena and Reptile #2
Very nice Metroid skin. I hope this game will have the Phazon suit as well #4
Fuck, I might get an Xbone One when this comes out #9
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Michaelangelo's lips look a bit too green #2
I'm not very keen on spending full price on this game, since all other horror games like this are only $20 #6
Oh Yeah #3.1
LOL Of course someone made a My Little Pony ship

There's allot more cool stuff here P_Vj3Y #4
Oh my Microsoft #4
I have a strong feeling Phantom Pain will come out in Q2 #2.1.1
Isn't WB publishing Witcher 3 in NA? #1.2
Bruce Lee could flick his finger at Bieber and it would it cause serious damage #1.1
If its by Arc System Works it probably gonna look real nice #3
Every time I see a white PS4 I think of Milkybars #3
It most likely not going to happen since the game is out in a little over 4 months. I wish Ubisoft would just go "Fuck you this is our game and this is how we made it" #13
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These people don't think games are art mate #6.1
Awesome shit. I looks like the mechanics are very simular the Souls game so I wonder if it will have the same difficulty level #15
Kinda wish they did something like Festival of Blood, maybe they'll have something else at Halloween #5
What..............WHAT? #23
What.............WHAT? #14
I want to see what that looks like with the blue and orange lights on #11
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