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In the second comparison, notice the lack of lighting next to the rocks (at the left, right under the candles). Notice also the lack of bouncing light at the pillars. Those can't be achieved by simply lowering the gamma.

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Check ID numbers. This one was submitted first ;)

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Indeed. Modders can't really do anything about those dated NPC models. Which is precisely why I'm really looking forward to what GTA V will look with mods.

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That 1st person mode will be really interesting, especially when it comes to mods. Superman mod with 1st person cam? Bring it on.

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Definitely. If only all those HD remakes received this 'HD' treatment

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WIP project. Let's wait for the final. It has potential though

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Portfolio purposes most obviously. It will also be interesting to see whether it can come close the visuals and performance of the FOX Engine

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Well at least Durante is working on a fix, so that's good news.

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Try this:

"And if that wasn’t enough, PC gamers can experiment with the game’s .INI executable file in order to completely remove the annoying input lag (by disabling Camera Smoothing) and reduce some stuttering side-effects (by enabling bSmoothFrameRate)."

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No it was not. The trailer alone was posted. Alongside it, EA released new screenshots. This story is about them that were not posted.

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That's why this is a rumor. Square Enix was not really clear on that part. It may happen but then again it may not.

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@MRMagoo123: Funny thing is that an individual (yes, we're talking about one person) has managed to create characters and materials in UE4 (running them in real-time) that whole studios are incapable of. We're not talking about a team of 100+ people here. And that IS impressive.

@PLASTICA-MAN: Word has it that UE4.5 will come with a new skin shader. Don't know how he got access to it (or whether he's simply showing off)

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Guess Mark Rein also has a bad eyesight (since this is perhaps one of the few fan maps he's been interested in) ;)

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Typo, the Xbox One version is indeed running at 900p

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It's basically the same mission that they showcased at the gameplay teaser, only this time it's extended

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Keep in mind that this is a WIP effect, not final ;)

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It's just sad that this year there won't be a PC demo.

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For those interested, you can download an older version of this mod from here -> or here ->

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But then you'll have others criticizing him for being elitist and not sharing his mod. Like what they did with Gionight and his ENB mod for Skyrim. Hell, even in N4G you'll find a lot that criticized Gionight for not sharing his mod.

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The Godzilla model is based on the Heisei series. Smart move as that Godzilla was the best one IMO

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