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It seems like every game nowadays gets a new game+ mode. Also here is hoping that there will be a way to disable the yellow filter of the game via the game's UI

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Now let's hope that Syndicate won't be a performance mess

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Ubisoft most probably did some changes to it. Here is what it was like a couple of hours ago.

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Nope, the current-gen console version is also locked at 30fps

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Here is hoping that it will be worth the wait

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Yeap, HDD space requirement has really increased.

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PS3 and X360 were cancelled long time ago. However, it's sad that the first game won't hit WiiU

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Indeed it is

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Definitely. Curious what will happen next year (as current-gen consoles will be for a longer time in the market)

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Actually, F1 2014 ran well on a variety of PC systems and was not demanding at all.

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Yeah, the original HD Ultimate Edition could have been so much more. If only Capcom put more effort on it (or in all its other remakes)

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I think the problem is that the levels they showed were very similar to those of Doom 3 (even the Hell level is similar to the one of Doom 3, let alone the first one). Enemies were also based on the Doom 3 models.

It's like they married Doom 3 (level design + enemies) with the gameplay of the first Doom (alongside some ideas like the executions and the weapon wheel. Oh, and no more dark places).

Basically, this is what Doom 3 should have been in the first...

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Yeap. SweetFX can either destroy or improve a game's visuals (depends on your taste of course). In this case, it greatly improves it. It will be interesting to see what will happen once the Redkit editor gets out for W3

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Do note that this is the console version and not the PC version they compared in that gif

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Crytek sold HomeFront 2 to Deep Silver, so it's definitely not it

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Lighting effects are also different (and can be easily noticed). Take a look at the fifth comparison for example.

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It's now available ;)

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Can you see what ad unit is responsible for this so we can investigate it?

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Yeap, SLI scaling is literally all over the place

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@Pandamobile: Ah thanks for the link, can't edit the comment. It was really confusing the way they put it. Glad it's not such a thing.

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